Friday, October 22, 2010

It gets better

A lot has happened since my last post.

Fall break happened, and I went to Austin, Texas to visit my best friend where things like this really exist:

Then I got off the plane in Ithaca and I could see my breath.

Then a whole lot of beautiful LGBTQ youth comitted suicide (are are still doing so!) because bullies are mean and awful and the media decided it was time to finally cover shit and then a whole lot of cool and important people tried to tell them, IT GETS BETTER.

Some of the videos made me cry:

{really, watch this one.}

Some were made by some of my favorite peoplez on the interwebz.

Then this pretty lady also talked about it.

And then Hillary and Obama talked about it too. (How come I/we call Hillary Clinton Haillary and Barack Obama Obama? I don't know. Probably there's something sexist lying in there too...)

And then some Broadway stars decided to sing about it, which, in my opinion, always makes everything better.

Then a lot more school and rehearsal and other things like that happened and finally last night I kicked my wines prelim in the butt (no, ok, actually it kicked me in the butt but then I got to go home and actually drink wine instead of study it so that made me happy).

Then today I felt like taking some silly outfit photos mostly because I wanted to show off the cool belt I got in Texas (I have cool booties to show off at some point too) and therefore this post happened, but also because I wanted to share the it gets better videos because it does and I think this stuff is so important, for reals.

When you're a jet you're a jet?
{H&M blouse and hat, j.crew sweater, second hand skirt, ? tights,
boots from london, vintage/second hand belt from Texas}

Also blogger photo resizing changed and is weird and making my body slightly squished/out of proportion I think. I tried to fix it. Oh well.

Wish I could have taken these outside but did I mention it's getting kind of cold out...? It gets better folks... but it also gets colder. Seriously, by my next post Ithaca is gonna look like this:

But first since I'm still in college, Halloween starts this weekend (eek it's my last college Halloween, what!?) so I need to come up with a costume or four.