Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Blog Birthday to Me

So, it's my one year blog-a-versary... now, how on earth did that happen? Of course, I have no outfit pictures because I've been thoroughly lazy for a lot of this vacation so far and have been lounging in PJs, gym clothes and perhaps a pair of jeans or two. And days where I do really get dressed it's too cold or too dark for nice photo taking. Ah well.

This is also my 80th post. Not a terribly large or celebratory number, but still a nice round one and I figure that means I've averaged 6 2/3 posts a month, and considering I've often aspired to at least one post a week, I say - not bad!

Anyway, for lack of something else to post, how about a little outfit recap of the past year?

{December 2008, January 2009}

{February, March}

{April, May}



{August, September}



And December 2009... coming soon! ;)

Also... how about some of my favorite purchases from the past year?
(In no particular order)

{Hunter Boots, Steve Madden Flats, Floral Docs}

{Blue skirt, little grey bag, brown boots}

{trench coat, straw boater, feather headband, 50s dress, dooney & burke bag}

{floral romper, bandanna print dress}

And of course a bunch more. It was a big year of shopping for me but I've been on a break (well, to the best of my ability--I did a little shopping in October over fall break but not too much!) since August. I think I may spend some time clearing old stuff from my closet today... to make room for the purchases of the coming year ;) While I'm still trying to save money, the holidays have brought in a couple of cash-gifts and we all know I'm going to be doing some shopping in London, it simply cannot be avoided. haha.

Anyway, in closing- here's some of the delicious food my friends and I have made this year ;)

{chocolate covered strawberries (and cherries), southwestern turkey burgers and sweet potato fries}

{vanilla-strawberry-zucchini cake with vanilla pudding frosting, caramelized onion and artichoke heart pizza}

{4th of July brunch, acorn squash stuffed with quinoa with sautéed apples and almonds}

{slow cooked provençale chicken, snickerdoodles}

Here's to another fabulous year of fashion, food, theatre and travel!


Thursday, December 17, 2009


You know, I never really thought I would have to deal with the negative comment thing on my little unknown place in the blog-o-sphere. It shocks me that someone would take the time to write something like that on a blog that I haven't even updated in a while and that has never had more than 6-8 comments on any post. I thought I had taken off anonymous commenting since I was getting some random spam on old posts but I guess I failed to do that. So I have now-- if you're going to say something like that at least man up to who you are -- but I'm not going to turn on comment moderation unless this becomes a problem. Anyway, I was planning a nice post for the weekend since I'm back for break and becoming a human post-finals again, woo-hoo! And- this weekend marks my one year blog anniversary! I know I haven't been very consistent with updating, but I've still kept up with this blog and it's honestly something I'm quite proud of. I write it for myself, and if people like what I write, that's great, if they don't, then too bad.

Now, to leave you with some nice things :)
I am getting this bag for Hannukah:
(yeah my family is good with surprises... haha)

{small filson field bag}

It's a good size and I think it'll be quite versatile.

I've also been lusting after these boots, especially because I need a new pair of snow boots to make it though my next Ithaca winter, but it was these or the bag and I don't really need new snow boots until next year because I'll be spending the rest of winter (post January 7th) in London, not Ithaca! :)

{pajar grip boots}

I was undecided on what color I liked (I thought red was the best but my winter jacket is green...) but I saw them in a store the other day and the brown looks much better in person ;)
But that's irrelevant for the time being anyway.

Some other pretty things:

{Silver Anthro Oxfords}

{Rodarte for Target}
(must go! Starts December 20th!)
I'm not actually that big a fan of this particular model and the accessory combos they are showing but I think a lot of the individual pieces are great


Anyway, I started this post this morning and got interrupted to go have lunch and wander about town with a friend of mine. We had a really nice time- ate in the Grand Central dining concourse (I had veggie samosa- yum!), browsed the holiday market, and ended up walking down to check out the Macy's windows, complete with crazy looking elves and interactive letter writing stations... and they talked to us... crazy o_o haha.

After we parted ways, I was completely revalidated from this morning's slight setback... a cute young Korean woman stopped me on the street. Her English wasn't great but she said she worked for a Korean fashion magazine or something like that and wanted to take "a picture of my style" ! I was all bundled up in my usual coat and hat, my black cashmere scarf, and these flats with some nice wool cabled tights. Anyway, I gave her my e-mail and blog URL so if she finds her way here: hi! - you really helped make my day :)

I had been doing some hopping from store to store to keep warm and browse and after that I went to gap kids and tried on some of the Stella McCartney pieces. I would really love the grey cashmere hoodie but I have a feeling a lot of other small adults had the same thought as well... the biggest size left was a medium (6-8)! It fit... but obviously was really tight and silly looking. I also tried on (in various sizes- there weren't a lot of XLs/XXLs left in anything...) the cashmere leggings (swoon... so comfy but so unnecessary), the grey leopard sweater dress (a large), the tulle skirt in green (which fit and looked great but is way to silly to purchase...), a party dress (really cute and pretty but too short and wide) and an interesting long-sleeve button down which I almost bought. I might actually go back for it... unless I can somehow get my hands on that hoodie. The boy's military jacket is of course also gone in any size anyone over the age of 14 could imagine fitting into, haha.

an amusing video of someone trying to squeeze into some of these looks, haha:

The BFF also got home last night -- *joy* -- and I made some cookies (snickerdoodles) to welcome him home.

{still working on my food photography... it gets dark out so early now so the light's not in my favor}

Anyway... guess this post didn't turn out so bad after all. More outfit posts soon hopefully--I'm actually somewhat unpacked now and can therefore find some clothes to wear ;)

Regards, and happy Hannukah!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The First Snowfall

The first snowfall of the year is always magical, and while I kept telling myself I was glad it had been so unseasonably warm this winter (ie: in the low 40s) there was no denying the slight smile on my face this morning when I left the theater building and felt a little flurry, nor the even bigger grin when I looked out my window a few hours later to some real, genuine, bona-fide snow.

How could you not feel content to gaze out at this all day long? Snow falling slowly, perfectly, and beautifully. I wish the camera could capture that.

Even the garbage bags manage to look almost romantic. And I do think the reflection of my light is a rather nice touch. There's a lot more snow built up since I took these too.

It makes me want to douse myself in hot chocolate, sprinkles, and sequins and wear big puffy white gloves, winter hats and party dresses, but alas, much work is yet to be done. Somehow, I think it's going to be hard to get myself back in the mindset of writing my play... which happens to be set in a summer camp. I know in a few months I'll be eating my words (or not, seeing as I've only got two more week in Ithaca this winter: the harshest part usually comes in January and February and I'll be overseas) but honestly, right now, I choose winter.

{Silence & Noise Sequin Cardigan, Kimichi Blue bag}

{Bird-in-hand mittens, Fiddlehead mittens}

{Keiko Lynn, Libemarlene}


{Makool, Yohji Yamamoto}

And for holiday food inspiration, I'm once again drooling over tastespotting.

Alright, back to work. Or at least to trying.