Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh snow, why did I ever wish for you?

So, yesterday it had stopped snowing by the time I left for class, and I had a delightfully hazardous slushy mess to walk through. Then later it started snowing again, HARD, and I almost got blown away (the large hood on my winter coat helps to catch the breeze at times...) on my way down to see some of my friends in this. It was worth it though, they did a great job, and as with every Schwartz opening we went to the reception at Aladdin's afterwords which is always good stuff -- I love me some toasted ravioli. (And of course I stayed too late and then had to stay up doing my homework and didn't get enough sleep, yadda yadda, but oh well, it happens)

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

I did take some gorge pictures on my way home (from class, not from the show... and yes I do generally cross more than one bridge on my way home from class), but they are quite hard to capture on film. And they are also surprisingly much less frozen in these photos than they have been for the past few days... it's getting a bit warmer I guess.

Today thus far has been pleasantly unexciting. I had class, lunch, watched last night's episode of lost (what an amazing addicting show) and then took a deliciously long nap instead of going to office hours for math.

{target dress and button down, white long sleeve tee - ? - worn underneath dress, secondhand belt,
reconstructed skirt worn as petticoat, hunter boots and liners, and of course, 2 pairs of tights}

The nap was actually quite productive as I figured out the problem I wanted to ask about while I was falling asleep. Seriously, I swear. A much more productive use of time if I do say so myself ;)


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hi, I'm warm, who are you? -- Or looking cute in letters part one.

So I actually took outfit photos yesterday. But I decided not to post them because they just weren't exciting enough. In fact, all weekend my outfits were quite blah... I hardly even put on real clothes during the day Saturday and Sunday but I blame it on being sick... including the horrendous ear infection I got from fluid build-up in my ears from my cold (seriously). Sorry, perhaps that was a little TMI, but it is getting better now that I am on antibiotics, and I think my cold is getting a bit better too. I did go out a lot this weekend (probably made me sicker... whoops) and then last night I cheered my friends on at our basketball intramural (which we lost, but was still fun). They asked me if I wanted to play next week and I laughed, but if I have time I will definitely go watch again. However, school work is settling in and within a day or two I'm going to have to crack the whip on myself so I don't fall behind... well that's just sort of how it works around here. That and it being continually freezing. Two pairs of tights were in order again today, though I was really quite toasty in them which was nice. Tomorrow I want to snap some photos of our frozen over gorges and waterfalls for you. They are really interesting, unique and beautiful... and a true indicator of how freakin cold it is. haha. It is also supposed to snow again tomorrow which I think I'm happy about because I'd rather walk on squishy snow than extremely hazardous ice (though perhaps it's my fault for using short-cut paths marked "no winter matinence? haha).

Anyway, another real reason for my not posting yesterday's outfit photos was the reading of this post. While my blog is pretty young for my to already be having an existential crisis, the post really did make me think about why I started this blog.
1. to have a creative outlet
2. to have more fun with my wardrobe and
be more motivated to try new things
3. to meet people and be inspired by other
stylish bloggers

Yesterday's outfit was just fine, and I was wearing one of my favorite shirts, but creative, unique, interesting - nope. So anyway, it inspired me to try a little harder today

Oh and I'm not going to bothering hiding my letters anymore.
That's just silly and I'm sure they don't even mean anything to most of you.

{sorority rugby, target dress and tights, vintage boots, leg warmers from Italy 4 years ago,
earmuffs formerly my grandmother's, fingerless gloves a gift from my mom}

I've also been trying to experiment with cute/non-boring ways to wear my letters, especially when we have group lunches and such (where I spent a good deal of time during my 11:30am to 2pm break today rather than doing work) because it's nice when everyone is wearing house apparel but I don't like being dressed the same as 5-10-20 other people (in this rugby and jeans for example).

Sorry for such a wordy post. I wanted to post some inspiration photos but my interenet is being a poop as usual so I'll have to save that for another time.

Goodnight and Regards,

p.s. Well I do have one more image for you that probably is only amsuing to me, but when I discovered one of my fish floating right below the "I'm hungry" thought bubble, I had to laugh. Yes, writing witty *cough* comments on your fishbowl with dry erase marker is cool... don't you think? ;) haha

and yes I do know the water level is rather low... I'm going to fix that soon, really, I swear!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rabbits never die

That's what I learned in math class today. Sort of. haha. But seriously my teacher put a math problem about rabbits on the board (and yes I am a sophomore at Cornell University) and then added that clause. oh dear.

Anyway, I know I'm behind on posting but I have been taking outfit pictures, seriously! Which means you get to hear less of my ramblings (because it's harder for me to remember what happened three days ago now than if I had posted three days ago) and see more pictures. Isn't that exciting? I think it probably is.

So, starting with Wednesday... it was another long underwear sort of day... and this outfit is pretty close to an exact repeat of something you've seen before, but oh well. I did think it might be fun to also show you what I actually look like when I leave the house. Hat, scarf and gloves/mittens vary, but lately this has been the go-to combo.

{vintage red cardigan and vest, h&m turtleneck, level 99 pinstripe jeans, merrell boots, add jacket with detachable vest, holiday market (I think) glittens, black cashmere scarf from TJ Max, hat knit by me}

Sometimes I forget how absurdly large and puffy that jacket is... although you can't tell from my cranky facial expression, I still like it, and it certainly keeps me warm. My advisor actually commented on it after a meeting I had with her yesterday: "Is that a jacket and a vest? You must be cozy." haha. I love my advisor- she is the head of our theater department and really fantastic, ie letting my 200 level Shakespeare class fulfill a requirement normally requiring a 300 level class.

Anyway, Thursday was a little warmer... I only wore one pair of tights (though wool, and with socks over them) and wasn't too cold! Miracles.

{H&M sweater and shirt dress, target socks, hunter boots,
holiday market recycled sari silk hat and scarf, tights -?}

And today, actually, was a heck of a lot warmer. I was sort of unhappy to be so bundled up and warm in my jacket. However, despite that and the fact that I have come down with a rather miserable cold it was ultimately a good day. Perhaps because it was Friday and after classes I was actually required to go shop for arts and crafts type supplies- for set model building for my fundamentals of (theater) design class and for my stage makeup class. Good stuff.

{vintage red cardigan, target dress worn as shirt, flea market scarf,
urban renewal belt, j.crew jeans, hunter boots}

Today's outfit was inspired a bit by The Clothes Horse. I have really been trying to catch up on my fashion blog reading but you guys fast poster than I can read- for serious. Though maybe it's my fault for following so many blogs. But anyway, I was inspired by her little fashion "remix" idea to wear this dress as a shirt. I think it worked rather well. And I appreciate her new post feature because I am the queen of wearing the same thing over and over again, though I don't often do it quite so creatively as she. But, I mean, it's the sign of a good piece, right?

Anyway, I have so much I could ramble on about, but I'll just leave you on the note of another good piece. I'm glad someone (urban) is making knockoff's of the Chanel tights and yes, I really want them:


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On this day in history...

This morning I got up early for visual comm at 9am (uck) which other than the 9am part will probably be a pretty good class. I had 20th Century European Culture and Intellectual Thought right after that, which as of about 2 hours ago I have already swapped for a Shakespeare and theory class ... haha. We did get out early though, which was good, because I was able to dash back to the house and gather a team of girls to move our large (and HEAVY) TV back upstairs (it was in the basement from rush week...) to watch the inauguration.

In the words of the fashion blogosphere:

I decided to wear a slightly patriotic outfit to commemorate the occasion.

{white top - h&m, vintage red cardigan, blue cords (from this shopping trip) - rugby,
snow boots - merrell, navy headband - bitten}

Also, I got paid back for "complaining" about how it wasn't cold yesterday. Today was cold. Seriously. And really snowy... boots 100% necessary. I did wear my awesome Erin Featherstone (for Target) long underwear under my cords though.

Sorry that's the best picture I could come up with online. If you click it should get much bigger. They have bunnies on them. I however do not agree with Target that wearing them with a dress is a "look." They are long underwear. They go under pants. Or function as pjs. Though I suppose the above model can pull it off.

Anyway, after watching the inauguration, I ate, relaxed, and stressed about whether or not I should switch out of the European history class (decision now made) and then went to my stage make-up class which seems like it's going to be awesome. Basically we have labs (almost) every week where we paint our faces and are graded on it. I mean, it's a little more complicated than that but I'm super psyched. I'll have to take pictures of my creations to share with you folks.

After I got home I helped move more furniture back upstairs (oh goodie) so we could have our first degree ceremony for our new members. I rocked my cream jovovich-hawk dress (also for target- yay target!) which of course one of the new members was wearing as well (one problem with target. haha). I also wore my vintage, white sam & libby bow ballet flats (all "white" is required for these things, matching is not).

(stole the picture of the flats from someone's ebay... my apologies)

After that we went to a barbecue type thing for dinner and I came home to finally, actually, read Medea. And write this. Gosh I am rambling.

Anyway, I will leave you with this:

Possibly my favorite part of the inauguration (sorry Obama, you were awesome too).

You rock that giant bow hat Aretha. Epic.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to school

So we were sort of supposed to wear our bid night shirts today, but I really need to shrink mine in the wash and I still feel like there's something sort of special about picking out an outfit for the first day of classes. Remember when you used to plan that outfit out days in advance and how your mom would take a picture of you that morning standing by the front door? Good times. I'll have to share some old back to school atrocities with you sometime... though my mom wasn't such a dedicated picture taker... I only have a few.

Anyway, I was all ready for sub-zero Ithaca weather today with two pairs of tights layered with my warm hunter bootie inserts and my wool sweater under my giant puffy coat.... and it was not that cold out! My feet were sweating by the time I got home :x

{vintage yellow cardigan, white sweater/blouse from H&M, skirt and tights - ?, hunter boots and liners}

Anyway, my first class this morning was my discussion section for Visual Comm. I arrived on time (and when is that going to happen again?) and of course, it was canceled because lecture doesn't start until tomorrow. oof. So, I had two hours to kill.... though it was kind of nice because I got to sit in Trillium (a-la-carte dining facility) and see a lot of my friends. Then I had theatre tech design which ended early since it was just an intro, followed by cryptography which I'm taking to fulfill my math requirement. Not much work to do yet (just read Medea by Wednesday and maybe some math for Friday... eek... I haven't done math since high school), but I'm irritated because although I already own copies of both Medea and Tartuffe I need to print/buy new ones because I have different translations. oy. I'm excited though because one of my theatre friends has both theatre tech and cryptography with me (what are the chances?) and I have my first day of stage makeup (as well as visual comm and modern european intellectual history... boy that's a mouthful) tomorrow!

Oh, also, flickr has just warned me that I only have space for 30 more photos before I need to upload to pro. Does anyone recommend it? I really like using flickr (even though my poopy internet in my house at school only lets me picnik when it's in the mood... maybe it thinks picnics are inappropriate for the Ithaca weather? :P) and it seems to me that it might be worth while, especially if I keep up with my blog as I have planned to.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

So remember when I said I would have less time to post....

haha. Well, yes... less time indeed. Recruitment week was crazy. I'm talking waking up at 5:30am, going to bed at 2am, screaming my lungs out, girl flirting to the extreme, finally performing our skit, a surprise fire alarm during one of the rounds... the list goes on. But, we get our new pledge class tonight and I am oh so excited. And then classes start tomorrow. Holy Moly, I can't believe it. My schedule for next semester looks a little something like this.

I've basically spent today lying in bed, napping, catching up on TV shows and blogs, and just recovering from the week as a whole. But overall, it really was quite fun (though quite taxing too). Certainly an interesting way to end my "vacation." Also, I of course did not remember or really have a chance to photograph my outfits as promised :( (and they were quite cute if do say so myself). I hope to continue taking outfit pictures as we move into class time, however, expect a lot more pants and boots from me, as the weather has been looking something like this. Actually, today is not even that bad... yesterday I left the house for all of 10 minutes (I've hardly been out this week because of recruitment) and it was 1°F. I almost cried! Oh well, that's Ithaca for you.

At least these arrived in the mail. I'm excited to rock them with their (hopefully) warm, fuzzy green liners.

Anyway, as I continue my TV watching and blog reading, I'll leave you with a couple of recent inspiration photos. I do a lot of window shopping on e-bay and am always saving pictures of things I like in a folder on my desktop. (Of course I never save informative things like who the seller is... my apologies).

Until Next Time.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

I want to be MADE

So, I'm back at school and so so busy preparing for recruitment, especially with practicing our skit which is very very loosely based on the wizard of oz and in which I am playing Dorothy. Fun stuff.

Today, we had to wake up before 7am (GAH) so we could practice and then get ready for our house to be filmed for an episode of MTV's made. WEIRD! Basically, this girl from a nearby high school wants to be made into a girly girl and is coming here for us to help her... lol. A select few are having brunch with her (not me) and then we have a surprise girl scout philanthropy event planned for early this afternoon (which I'm helping with... I think). They gave me this Dove "be yourself, be beautiful, be a _______" shirt to wear... cute. The blank is the name of my house but I'm pretty sure I can't share that until after the episode airs.... but I'll keep you posted... who knows, maybe I'll be in it? Doubtful, but that would be kind of cool.

Anyway, in case the cameras do catch me, this is what I decided to wear with my tee:

{Marc Jacobs cardigan, second hand skirt, second hand belt, sorority t-shirt,
white tights - ?, hand crocheted flowers pinned to ribbon as headband}

{black target flats}

Yes, that is a different red cardigan than the one I wore all of winter break. This one I got at a buffalo exchange in San Fransisco and it's one of my most prized thrifting/second hand finds... Marc Jacobs for only $35! Also, that belt is one of the few things I haven't yet shown you from the same thrifting expedition the blue skirt is from.

Oh, and btw, my internet here stinks, so I may not be able to do any picknik editing with my photos :( We'll see...

Finally, in response to a comment by The Clothes Horse saying people don't wear hats enough anymore... well, just thought I'd show off the make shift hat rack which I have on my wall. ;) Yay for command strips. And no, these are not all of my hats... only most of the ones that are the type that can hang up. hahaha.

Don't know when I'll be able to post again because of recrutiment, maybe not until a week or week and a half for now, but I will surely try and photograph all of my recruitment week outfits.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm burning your baby...

Not really in the mood for a long post but I wanted to leave you with something since I'm going back to school tomorrow and I don't know how much blog time I'll have when I'm there (though I hope some!) Also, I'm leaving by 1pm tomorrow... and it's 2am... and I haven't started packing. oops.

So today I had an interview-ish thing with this company, and saw this show which was a rather odd/not that great an adaptation/translation, but I loved loved loved her. Sadly, she escaped out of the other side of the theater so I didn't get to meet her or get an autograph :( And while my bestie got his Daniel Rad. And Richard Grif. autographs, I did not :( oh well. Tough luck.

{L'onneau dress from last summer's renegade craft fair, wool tights and white long sleeve tee - ?,
vintage red cardigan, H&M cloche hat and umbrella, cashmere scarf from TJs, target flats}

That black scarf might be my favorite item in my wardrobe. It's rather boring and I only got it because my grandmother took me to TJ Max and forced me to find something I wanted but I swear it is the softest thing you have ever felt in your life. (and also very warm)

And oh, want to see something really really cool? Today Mike and I walked by the back of the Hilton Theater where they were unloading Young Frankenstein (one of the 9 shows to close this past Sunday... so sad) and got to peak inside/backstage. So cool! (or at least, in my opinion it is)

Anyway... back to school (well not classes, but physically) for me tomorrow :( Not really looking forward to it, but maybe if I dread it, it will be better than I expect?


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

So, remember this post where I was having a major shoe decision dilemma? Well, today I went to Orva to try on the hunter boots (and came home and bought them online for cheaper, haha) but you see, Steve Madden is on the way back from Orva and um... well... those other shoes I wanted were now 50% off! Only $35! How could I not? Oddly enough the 7 1/2 seemed to fit just perfectly with my tights on (shoe sizes are so bizarre... my hunter rain boots are a 6, and might have been a 5 if I wasn't getting the fleece liners) so I got them. I couldn't resist. But I figure if you go back to a store 3 times for something it means you really want them and should get them. Like those shoes, and this book for example. Both of which I now own. See, Orva is near Banres and Noble and so I went there (also for the 3rd time) looking for Gregory Maguire's A Lion Among Men and maybe I had missed it before because it wasn't with his other books, but there it was on the 50% off table! Two things for 50% off today... good things come to those who wait perhaps? ;) Or maybe I just got lucky.

Sorry no outfit pictures. Both today and yesterday I'm wearing almost exact repeats of recent outfits so I figured there was no reason to take more photos. Yesterday I wore the brown dress with my other pair of new j.crew tights (kind of a rusty color... I can't find a picture online)

And today I'm wearing this, and am going to change into my new shoes:

I'm trying to both look put together (I'm meeting some people about possible summer internships today and tomorrow) while conserving clothes for going back to school. A little bit after I get back we have rush (yes, I'm in a sorority, though I would not consider mine to be typical in any way, haha) which involves a week of needing to be dressed rather nicely while not having any time to do laundry. haha. We'll see how that goes ;)

Sorry this is probably the most boring post I've ever written... I was working on some inspiration collages from free German style magazines I picked up on the way back from Switzerland and wanted to post those today or tomorrow... but I got lazy. Plus my scanner is at school. But we'll see... maybe I'll finish one anyway.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

At least I galloped - when did you?

Today was a long day... I didn't have to wake up quite so early because I almost forgot, and thankfully then remembered, that the box offices don't open until noon on Sundays, but was still out of the house by 10:30am. We got to times square a little after 11 and waited on line for about an hour to get our student rush tickets for Equus, which were all the way stage right, second row orchestra (though we did end up moving a few rows back and further center). I made another poor shoe choice and my feet almost froze off while we waited, but we went to the bank, Starbucks, and then Europa Café (one of our usual time square eateries) for lunch, which helped me warm up. We still had a lot of time to kill before the 3pm matinee, so after checking out the new TKTS, which Mike hadn't seen yet, we wandered around Virgin and Toys R Us for a while and then got a huge slice of carrot cake cheesecake to share (which we still did not finish!) from Juniors. Then we went off to the theater to see the show, and oh was it fantastic! Both Daniel Radcliff and Richard Griffiths gave absolutely stunning performances. The show was eerie, chilling, and just truly remarkable. It had me glued to and gripping to my seat. (And yes, yes... I did see Harry's magic wand :P boo puns boo)

After the show we did go to the stage door, but, not surprisingly, it was an absolute mad house of Harry fans. We got pushed to the other side of the street by angry cops who basically tied us in between two lamp posts with caution tape. Daniel signed the playbills of the people in the very front of the two main barricades (probably not more than 15-20 in the crazy mob of hundreds, though to his credit I think he may have been a bit sick, and understandably wanting to get home... though that certainly did not hinder his stunning performance) and popped right into his snazzy escalade with his body guard. haha. oh well. Mike really wants to go back Wednesday afternoon and try to wait for him after the matinee (ie: show up before the show lets out to be right in front) to get his autograph, and I suppose I'll go with him if he does, but I'm not generally keen on being such a crazy fan girl... (Though I would really like autographs of the whole cast, I generally try and do that for shows I see, especially with original casts or especially noteworthy productions). Then again, I am absolutely dying to meet Mary Louise-Parker after Hedda Gabler on Wednesday night, but that's really different, right? ;P

{H&M shirt dress, vintage vest, j.crew tights, target flats}

And oh, hi... meet my glasses. I have two pairs. But they are only for reading since I'm really an old lady apparently. I also beat my dad (pretty badly too!) at scrabble tonight which is an accomplishment I am quite proud of.

My break is quickly drawing to a close and I am oh so sad to see it go... I wish I had more time in my beloved city, but what can you do? I really shouldn't complain about Switzerland, or having to go back to school early (classes don't start until the 19th), even if I want to, because they are both things that were/should be at least somewhat fun... but I would just rather be here a wee bit longer...


Saturday, January 3, 2009

If a bullet should go through my head let that bullet go through every closet door

So I'll keep it short and sweet today, but I did go to Connecticut to see my cousins (well one cousin and her two daughters, ages 9 and 11) and aunt, which was rather nice. The nine year old especially adores me and looks like she could be my little sis (which I wouldn't mind so much--she is adorable and a real live wire!) I even managed to get some unexpected sales shopping in to boot. I needed new pants courtesy of the bit of weight I have recently put on (thanks college slash having a house cook, haha) and snagged a really cheap pair of jeans from J. Crew (where we got an extra 15% off the sale prices with my student ID!) along with two pairs of tights and a pair of blue cords with cute pocket details from Rugby. I would have forgone the jeans had I seen the cords first, but alas, and at that price, one can't really complain.

When we got back into the city my mom and I went to 86th street where I showed her the aforementioned two pairs of shoes I was debating about and I tried on the Steve Madden flats. Sadly they just didn't seem to fit quite right... like my feet were the right length for the 7 1/2 but the right width for the 7, or something... alas. Well, it does mean I'll be getting Hunter Rain Boots (and I think I've decided I like green) for a belated Hannukah gift and those will be more practical too, so after some brief pouting, I'm satisfied... especially because we then went across to B&N where I finally picked up a copy of The Tales of Beedle The Bard (though it will take me all of 20 seconds to read it) for myself. yay :)

{hat knit by me, target dress and puff sleeved tee, long sleeve tee-?, calvin klein leggings, frye boots}

I also discovered today that Polaroid now exists for windows, which is kind of fun :) I don't think I'll use it all that much, but I do quite like how it flatters today's outfit photos, and I didn't even have to do any picnic editing.

Anyway, I also saw Milk this evening (pretty busy day in retrospect) and it was really excellent. The actors gave such amazing and believable portrayals of the real people and the whole story is just extremely inspiring, sad, and slightly infuriating. I have so much more I could say about it, especially in relation to recent events like Prop 8, though this post is already getting a bit long for short and sweet, huh? (Though I will say, if you haven't seen it, go see Prop 8 the musical- an important message with a Jack Black related smile, haha) Also I really should be off to take a shower now and then go to bed if I want to leave the house by 9am to try and get rush tickets for tomorrow's matinee of Equus. Wish me luck for seats with a decent view ;) (I mean of the show... not of daniel's... well, you know... oh damnit :P haha)


Why can't you say Jello?

Today was a really lovely day. I slept from like 11pm last night to 10 this morning (seriously a record for me- even on vacation I am usually more of a 2 or 3 to 10 or 11 sort of girl). I then spent the morning/early afternoon with a What Not to Wear marathon on TLC working on a couple of easy-ish DIY projects. I shortened a skirt, one of the things I purchased at goodwill the other day, which I then wore today, and turned an old pair of gaucho pants into sort of bloomer-type things by cutting a strip off the bottom of each leg and making bands to gather the rest of the leg fabric into... that probably doesn't really make sense but I will have a picture soon, I promise... I do have a picture of the skirt now though.

{skirt before shortening, and after}

It's a bit hard to tell how long the skirt was from the first picture, but I did take off quite a large chunk--still such a simple project that I am so happy with :) The skirt was $7.99 (really $7.89 because I found a dime in the pocket--haha!) at goodwill and the bag pictured above was also bought that same day (at the housing works sale) for only $2.50. I didn't actually use it today as it's too small for anything but going-out nights at school (which is what I bought it for) but thought this was a good chance to show it off... though come to think of it, my usual bag for days like today matched my outfit fairly well, haha.

Anyway, after I finished those projects, I went off to Laura's house again for our "winter break fiesta." It was amazing! We made tacos (though, as usual, I had extremly severe tearing reactions to all our onion chopping) with mango and corn salsa and tofu scramble and talked and laughed and played taboo and all those wonderful things you wish you did with old friends more often. A lot of people I hadn't seen in quite a while (and others I have seen more recently but it was, as always, wonderful spend time with them too) showed up and it was just a really excellent gathering.

{vintage red cardigan, second-hand bag, second-hand and self-shortened skirt,
american apparel tee, bitten necklace, white tights - ?, vintage boots}

Anyway, before I left I snaped these two very similar photos- I just love the contrast... and they were taken at the same time of day. Oh the wonders of flash or not (and a little editing, but really not much!)

I also stitched a little lace around my ankles as the pair of lacy socks I wanted to wear are of course, at school. I had a hat I would have liked to wear with this outfit too which is also at school... alas, don't you just hate that? Sadly, one of the lacy pieces got hooked on the other boot and came off during the evening, but I did enjoy them while they lasted.

Anyway, tomorrow I think I am going to Connecticut with my parents to visit my Aunt and baby cousins (well, I suppose they really aren't babies anymore, but they are my cousin's kids and quite a bit younger than me so I still call them that...) so hopefully I will still have time to post.


oh, p.s. - for you fellow bloggers, I have a question if anyone sees this. How do you respond to comments? Do you reply via e-mail, by commenting again on your own post, or by commenting on their blog (which I often do anyway, but not generally in reply)... or often not reply at all? I mean, I don't get many (my blog is really just a wee baby) but I do appreciate the ones I do get and am always wanting to answer, elaborate for, or thank those who leave me notes. Thanks so much :) - Freddie