Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pants Party (and photoshoot part 1)

So, I will preface this post with a complaint about the weather to get it out of the way: the weather has been awful, which is even worse when you work outdoors which on many days therefore results in a cranky, unfashionable me. Ok, done.

In other, "sunnier" news: this past Monday we were given a surprise half day of work and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to recreate some outfits and have a photo shoot! The setting isn't ideal and I couldn't remember all the outfits I might have wanted to recreate, but I did take quite a few pictures :) I'm not going to show them to you all at once though because they may have to last me quite a while. haha.

So, for now, inspired by the crappy weather I suppose, I'll start by showing off some outfits with pants, which seem to be a rarity on this blog. I also did get to take some real outfit photos on the roof yesterday before work which helped improve my mood, not to mention it was actually a pretty nice day :D (Though we were working downtown and inside for once... haha)

This was I was wearing for real on the day of my photo shoot:

{XL men's undershirt, old urban blazer, old hat and necklace - ??,
urban renewal belt, striped jeans, vintage boots}

Prepare yourselves for many more awkward goofing around in front of a white sheet type photos in the coming week or two ;)

And this was what I wore yesterday:

{thrifted denim vest, ? old green tank and necklace, sample sale pants, manhattan vintage show saddle shoes, etsy sunglasses, earrings my mom brought back from Turkey}

My mom bought these pants for me for $10 at a sample sale but unfortunately we got what we paid for: three of the buttons on the pockets fell off in the wash (though I do have one replacement) and the fit is a little funky and big (especially by the end of the day), but I just love all their cool details, like the pockets and the cuffs which you can see best in the bottom photo. Also, if you noticed- my old watch is fixed! I've been wearing it to work as to not ruin my "new," nicer one with painting and building and moving things and such.

And of course those striped jeans from the first picture are a go to item for lazy/rushed days all year round. I suppose pants aren't all bad after all ;)


Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Model as Muse

So, today at work (yes I have to work on Sundays sometimes) there was nothing for us to do, as is often the case (...then why make us come in on Sunday?) so our boss gave us interns some petty cash to spend the afternoon at a museum, which I'll admit, was pretty awesome and considerate of him. Despite the mob scene that was 5th avenue due to the Puerto Rican Day Parade, we made it to the Met to see The Model as Muse exhibit which I've only been talking about wanting to see since I got back from school. We also made it to see the current roof garden sculpture which was very cool, though I'm still sad I never saw the giant balloon animals.

Anyway I must say that I was somewhat underwhelmed by the exhibit and wish there had been more of the older, more classic stuff (ie: before the 1970s), but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself and even got to go see it on the job- sweet! Overall, the exhibit was a nice combo of photographs, historical information, old fashion mags and actual garments. Here were a few of my personal favorites:

Lisa Fonssagrives photographed by Penn Irving, Dovima photographed by Richard Avedon

Sunny Harnett photographed by Richard Avedon in a Madame Grès Evening Gown, 1954

Twiggy photographed by Melvin Sokolsky and Gosta Peterson

I would post so many more (including some of I think, Naomi Campbell with a feather boa and a couple other more recent photos), but it's hard to find all the photos online and sadly they wouldn't allow you to take pictures of the exhibit. There was also a book, but I didn't really have $35-$50 to spend... though it would have been lovely. haha.

However, you can check out a mini virtual tour of the exhibit (cool!):

Anyway, my apologies for falling behind on my blog reading and commenting... I tried bringing my computer to work today and got all excited thinking I would catch up, but unfortunately I was unable to get the internet connection (I connected but it was local only... boo.) I guess that's to be expected when you work outside. Alas, we all know I'll get there at some point, and for now, I'm just going to blog (and read) what I can, when I can, and if anyone wants to read it, that's great, if not, oh well, that's ok too ;) And some day you'll see my shopping... someday... haha


P.S. My other boss has coined a nickname for me: fashintern. haha. I like it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain rain go away come again another day (preferably one that I'm not working k thanks)

So I was about to post the two outfit photos I took this week showing off my new (ok I can hardly call them new anymore) topshop shorts and jumper as well as a denim vest (what? Some slightly 90s inspiration is hitting me from somewhere but I don't know where that is...) I thrifted on a whim, but the pictures were so horrible I couldn't bring myself to do it. Snapping a quick photo in front of a messy chair in the morning just isn't cutting it for me at the moment... especially because it's summer and I don't feel like I have an excuse for a crappy, poorly lit photo. Though I must say the weather has been incredibly dreary, rainy, and miserable the past few days... and everything in life revolves around weather when you work outside, so I'm going to leave you with some dreams of vintage umbrellas instead.

Thrush, itsastitch

Pudding, JessJamesJake

JillRuth, bellalulu

And of course no umbrella post would be complete without a mention to everyone's favorite umbrella girl, the Morton salt girl, who has looked lovely in absolutely every era.

1914, 1921,1933, 1941, 1956, 1968

Unfortunately, pretty little umbrellas are just to precious for the park (and not useful when you need to work with your hands) where what you really need is a north face shell or poncho type thing (which of course I do not have and therefore I get wet). So, while this job isn't doing wonders for my fashion (and I'm falling behind on reading blogs again-- I'm sorry!) it has resulted in some cool things such as learning that Anne Hathaway goes by Annie and hand delivering Audra McDonald's laptop and foundation to her. HAHA. Oh the life of an intern.

Though I do have to say, the days I do get to rock things like the jumper, my pink hat, or a big flower on my head at work, the everyone at the Delacorte really seems to get a kick out of me ;)

Anyway, I have tomorrow off (and it's supposed to be nice out!) and am going to go to the Renegade Craft Fair with a friend which will hopefully result in some fun things to share :) I got this dress at Renegade last year.


P.S. The one good thing about today's horrendous rain was that my intern team of three lovely ladies who was supposed to be staying late, ie: until around midnight tonight, got released at 5:15! Almost makes the 7-ish hours we did work in the rain worth it. Almost...