Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot Town, Summer in the City

I really like Mary's little "I wore, I thought, I saw" format, it's very nice and straightforward, so I'm going to try a little something like it, though I mostly have a lot of "I saw" and a little of "I wore."

So, I saw:
Thursday: my old high school's band concert and a lot of old friends. My old band teacher is retiring and a lot of alum came out to support him. It was really nice and afterwords a bunch of us (including our old yearbook teacher) went to our favorite local diner... and our old teach paid for our food on the school's dime! Haha, shush, don't tell :o

photo credits: school website, wikipedia

Friday: my old crew of high school friends for a sleepover in forest hills. We made sandwiches with brie, apple, and caramelized onions as well as chocolate banana boats. Yum.

photo credit: another print please

Saturday: Exit the King, my first Ionesco, which was SO fantastic, brilliant and absurd. I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone looking to see a really interesting, unique, and moving play which is both funny and terribly sad at the same time. The NY Times review does a better job than I can in describing it.

Geoffery Rush and Susan Sarandon

Lauren Ambrose and Andrea Martin

pictures: Exit the King on Broadway

I waited for them all at the stage door and they were just as wonderful in person as on stage. I got autographs and saw Susan Sarandon's whole fam, complete with a cute little white puppy dog and learned that Andrea Martin rides her bike to and from work - just like me! Also, Lauren Ambrose has played both Juliet (Romeo and Juliet) and Ophelia (Hamlet) at Shakespeare in the Park, where I am working this summer, and I think I officially want to be her.

Sunday: a great friend from school who just got back from Rome. We had lunch at Eli's, I satisfied my craving for a rainbow sprinkle cone, we wandered about and tried to see UP with two other friends, but it was all sold out. Movies are too expensive for me here anyway... $12.50, really? I just saw a freakin' Broadway show for only $26.50!

photos: Eli's Vinegar Factory, Pardon Me for Asking, The Girl Who Ate Everything, wikipedia

Also, I've been running into people left and right the past few days! I love how small this city is sometimes.

I Wore:

{vintage blouse, second hand reconned skirt, hand painted silk scarf, target sandals}

The blouse was my Aunt's way long ago, she bought it in Mexico when she was a teen, and gave it to me four or five years ago. It has the most gorgeous hand embroidery (I should have taken a close up) and must be around 40 years old by now. I used to wear it all the time, but now it has a few holes in it and I'm afraid of how delicate it is. However, the holes are hidden by tucking it into this skirt (seriously one of my best thrift store purchases ever... I wear it to death!) and clothes were meant to be worn, right?

Anyway, next time I do a post like this I should really take some of my own photos :P but it was really kind of fun digging these up from all over the net!

Work tomorrow and tech for Twelfth Night starts Tuesday which means I'm working late 3 days a week and only have one day off (Saturday for me) on weekends. This may mean you will here from me less... wish me luck!


p.s. Sorry no more nice roof outfit photos... now that it's nice out, it's way too crowded up there for me to take pictures!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming to Terms

So, three days of work and I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm going to have to wear work clothes. I kind of expected this, but didn't want to admit it. They'll still of course be my-style work clothes, with a little twist (ie: floral docs=best and coolest work boots ever) but I'm going to have to wear jeans and shorts and t-shirts a lot of the time and just get over it. However, I hope to come up with lots of other things to post about and will certainly be dressing extra cute on my days off to compensate ;)

I did however make an effort with my outfits for my first two days and wore some of my new items to boot. The hat (which I need to photograph again and closer up--it has a cute little bow you can't really see) and short overalls are new from Urban Outfitters. The short-alls are open in the back except for the straps which cross like suspenders. They were also marked as on sale for $29.99 and rung up for $9.99... score! I really wanted to wear my new floral tights from topshop with them but they got a teeny snag while taking them out of the package and I was super worried about getting them snagged even more on some wood or something at work.

{new hat from urban, shirt by me, target leggings I cut to make shorts, navy keds}

{new overall shorts from urban, target cardigan and tights, ? white shirt, vintage floral docs}
Also, you can see my at home bike (yes, it's a different one) behind me. I've been riding to and from work everyday and it's a little small and squeeky but has a cute little basket and horn.

Anyway, work so far has it's goods and bads. I'll talk about today though because today was mostly good :) It was supposed to rain and be gross out and while it was a little chilly it got sunny and much nicer for part of the day. We also had a 5th intern join us today and so far I'm getting along really well with (almost) everyone. We hung out with some goofy guys and I learned to use a chop saw (it was hard to find a good picture- the one I used was bigger and sharper ;) ... I like power tools) :) Then we painted some stairs and the work day ended an hour early for a barbeque with AMAZING food. The park has new caterers this summer and let me tell you they are excellent! Of course, this situation is an incredibly rare occurance, but gotta enjoy it while you got it :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Fashionless Post

Ok, so I don't have anything fashion related to share at the moment, but felt like posting anyway because I had a few other things to share/say:
  1. Thank you again for the lovely comments! I'm still working on how to respond to these things so knowing me I am probably just going to end up continuing to say thank you periodically in my posts which does seems kind of silly. However, I do try and visit the blogs of anyone who comments on my posts! Which leads me to...
  2. Things that have been entertaining me in my free time:
    • well I have caught up on blogs- leaving me looking for more -- some found through your comments :) -- which of course I am almost 100% sure to fall behind on again as soon as I start work on Monday.
    • I finally went to Top Shop today! Everything I got was floral. I can't wait to share these purchases along with the ones from a few days ago which I assure you will happen soon. I also stopped by Screaming Mimi's which has like everything you could ever hope to find on ebay expect expensive and I had already spent enough Money at Top Shop :P
    • riding my bike
    • catching up with old friends
    • sites like these... and sharing such websites with aforementioned friends:,,,,
      (yes we are really cool people who sit in Union Square at night eating dessert from Whole Foods and reading these things off an i-phone while a very wasted man tries to offer us the Heimlich and a very polite woman asks where the statue of Gandhi is. It's good to be home.)
    • and this hilarious and adorable video courtesy of Sally Jane:

Anyway, good stuff. This blog will resume it's normal fashion related state soon. I have a ton of post ideas stored up on a little sticky note on my desktop (haha) as well as the shopping to share as I have mentioned multiple times... and I'm sure I will have work related blabber to share starting Monday too.

Goodnight and Regards,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wearing big hats helps keep people away from you on the subway

So this is the hat I bought at housing works the other day. Problem: It likes to catch the wind and doesn't want to stay on my head! I need to possibly find some ribbon and a cute way to fix this problem. The hat did originally have a tacky Hawaiian print band which I carefully peeled off, and I'm not sure if I should replace that with something else or leave that part be.

{second hand hat, h&m blouse, gap shorts (I'm practicing), sandals from shoegasm}

Also, I did more shopping between my dentist appointment and haircut (I can see again!) on Tuesday. Whoops. Some of it was justifiable as for work though and some of it was on sale and I promise to show you soon.

Today I tried to see Billy Elliot with some friends but couldn't get tickets so instead we saw Blithe Spirit. A little slow to short but very kooky and very funny by the end. Yay Angela Lansbury!

The bff comes home from Texas tomorrow (well today technically) and I can't wait!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh hey, I'm kinda bored.

Wait what? Yes, that's right... I'm home from my grandparents house and most of my friends are still away, and as for the ones that are here... I can't contact them because my phone was left in the Berkshires! I was busy helping my Grandpa build a chicken coop (yep) and my mom made my bed (how nice!) while I was doing so... and made my phone into the bed... so it was left there. Oy. Alright, alright, enough complaining, it's in the mail and I should have it tomorrow or Wednesday, but as for now, I am feeling this incredibly odd and unfamiliar sensation of slight boredom.

However, while I was there, I did entertain myself with a little countryside photo shoot in some new and interesting locations, even though I didn't bring the most exciting outfits with me because a) visiting my Grandpa almost always involve things like climbing ladders and using power tools (and it did) and b) well... packing for the weekend involved unpacking part of my stuff from college which I had done as little of as possible. haha. I did a lot of unpacking today though, I swear! ... that shows you how bored I am ;) haha

I would have loved to visit the neighbor's farm or something for photo-taking but I felt like that might be a bit suspect, so I settled for a walk to a cute little bridge nearby. It did look like it was going to rain but luckily it waited until later.

{urban shirt, mom's cardigan, old reconned skirt, target tights, vintage boots, h&m umbrella}

Today I also went to my local goodwill and housing works and it was fairly unsuccessful (I did come away with one hat) but still fun. Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist and getting my hair cut (nothing drastic) and will have time to kill in between, so we'll see if I find any more shopping to do ;)


P.s. a gratuitous building the chicken coop as Grandpa "supervises" shot. haha
He always rocks overalls and a sweet straw hat ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Hat

One of the most exciting things (ok maybe that’s sad, but a lot of my friends don’t get home until later this week) about arriving home was getting my new boater hat—the one that my mom got for me at the manhattan vintage show. It’s a teeny bit small, I guess my head is bigger than my mother’s, but that’s ok, I can still wear it and I’m totally in love.

{h&m dress as shirt, second hand reconned skirt, secondhand bag,
steve madden flats, vintage boater hat}

I didn’t actually wear the hat out today since I didn’t go anywhere besides to lunch with my dad and then back into the car again, but I couldn’t resist showing it off. Also, with my bangs this long the hat pushes them completely over my eyes, but I’m going to get them trimmed on Tuesday.

Anyway, in honor of the new hat, I thought I’d share some pictures of some other lovely and inspiring ladies and their boaters.

Liebemarlene, Lover, Young Shields, The Cherry Blossom Girl

Anyway, I do suppose it's good that most of my friends aren't home yet considering that approximately 19 hours after getting home we left again to go and visit my Grandparents in the Berkshires. Kind of annoying to have to make such a quick turn around but I'm so glad to get to see them considering since the last time I did was last August! So far the visit has yielded a gorgeous new (well, actually old... 1950s I believe) gold watch which is an early birthday present from them and a complement on my shoes from my Grandma... now that's something!

{Next post will be in real time I think.}


Friday, May 15, 2009

Dressing Practically

{Alright, I'm cheating a little bit here and am back-dating some posts (including this one.... ohh time machine) because I've got a bunch stored up in a word file/in my brain that I've been unable to post due to a crazy schedule and lack of internet access over the past few days.}

So, what do you wear for your last day of sophomore year on which you have two finals, one at 9am and one at 2pm and will then proceed to pack until approximately 10 or 10:30pm? Why, a 50s style dress with flamingos on it with a tulle underskirt of course! Hahaha. Though I must say, these pictures are incredibly deceptive because they make it look like it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in Ithaca… and it was… for about two hours. I started and ended the day with tights and a long-sleeved shirt under this.

{h&m dress circa a year or two ago, merona target boat shoes}

But anyway… sophomore year is over and I’m kind of in disbelief. All finals week I couldn’t wait to get out of there and although I was ready for a rest after packing up my room (you can probably imagine I have a lot of stuff :P) and taking three trips to the storage unit, all of a sudden I was sad to go. I guess that’s always how it is though, huh? It is nice to have a bit of freedom though, even if it’s only for the coming week before I start my internship. I anticipate shopping and thrifting, some good meals and hopefully some theater. Also, I’m hoping to get some ideas for more kinds of content to post about once I start working and fall into (though hopefully not) a very boring t-shirt and shorts routine, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them :) And thank you all for your lovely comments on my last couple of posts, they have really made me smile!


Friday, May 8, 2009

The Importance of God's "LOVE Project" with Boys at mASS

So I guess I lied... about study week and finals week that is. I wrote a paper, and studied some, but I actually haven't been so terribly busy. The paper was turned in today, my first final isn't until this Monday and then I have 2 on Wednesday, but one is in stage makeup and therefore doesn't involve that much studying. So, while I have put in some nice library time this week, I've also put in a little party time and a lot of lazy movie and TV watching time... and right now, well, I'm a bit bored! Fancy that!

Anyway, Tuesday was one of those lazy days and after a whole lot of bumming about in sweatpants (yes I do actually own some... but I didn't until this year! haha!), I decided to make a nice shirt to wear the next day to actually induce myself to get out of the house. It worked, and I did get me to the library, but not without snapping a few photos first. While the pictures don't really do the ruffles justice I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, especially since I didn't really know what I was going for when I started.

{shirt by me, second hand skirt shortened by me, target tights, vintage flats}
The weather has been giving my bangs a little trouble lately... haha

I do need to get more serious about my studies soon but hopefully will also find something fun to do tomorrow night.

Also, I found out my best friend from home reads my blog and has shown it to some of his friends (but the feedback is all positive- hooray! haha). I suppose that's what I get for linking my old blog on my facebook and linking this blog from my old blog. :P I would take the link down, but I've decided to be only slightly embarrassed and I figure if anyone finds this blog that way and wants to read it... well, then they should feel free. No biggie.

Anyway, the way I found out about this is that he showed me a youtube video of a spontaneous musical (about finals week in fact!) that happened at his school and told me I should post it here. Haha oh Mike I love you. Anyway, it was pretty enjoyable and I agree it deserves a mention:

Oh, and if you're curious about the title of today's post... it was the title of this year's anual Schwartz center gala: a show the upperclassmen put on making fun of everything that happened this year. It was hilarious and I came out relatively unscathed/not made fun of too much which was a relief ;)

Well, I guess I should be off to continue my unproductivity (though I did study after the gala today, I swear!) and then get some rest so I can work on decoding secret messages for Monday's final. No... really, I'm serious- the final is in my cryptography class.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Love College

So, the past week I've had a chance to do a couple of fun photoshoots, but no time to share any of the pictures I took because I've been so busy! It was the last week of classes, so naturally I had a ton of work to do... and yesterday was slope day, which is basically a celebratory day of drunken debauchery with concerts on our giant slope. And yes it does have it's own wikipedia article, haha. I didn't see much of the concert itself- though can't say I'm all that upset about missing the Pussycat Dolls or Asher Roth- and I did have to do a presentation in class at 12:20, which was kind of a bummer, but the day was still great. Tonight we have our formal, which I should start getting ready for soon, but I thought I'd share a few photos with you, especially seeing as next week starts studying for finals... aka I am probably not going to have very many photo worthy outfits... though I will still find things to blog about I'm sure.

Anyway, the final presentation that culminated yesterday was for my theater design class and I was doing lighting design. I only wish I had realized sooner what a great place to take photos the light lab is.

You can click the pictures to enlarge them if you wish.

{gap shorts, hanes XL men's undershirt, birkenstocks, target belt, recycled paper bead necklace}
Oh, and the lovely bald lady's name is Mannique. She is one of our lighting models.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
{j.crew jeans, target belt, vintage sam&libby ballet flats, target dress as shirt}
You can also kind of see my "new" watch in one of these pictures. It was my dad's from the '70s and I'll try to post about it later this week.

Also, I finally got a chance to photograph the sailor dress I've been talking about. I bought it kind of on a whim when the dress I really wanted, from libemarlene, was way out of my price range. I was afraid I would regret it, and while it's a little small (I can't button the top and it's a bit tight in the shoulders) it's still perfectly wearable and I've decided I'm really very happy with it. One bonus is that it's a slightly more wintery dress, and while I'm lusting after light, summery dresses right now, over time, I'll probably get much more wear out of this one.

The dress I wanted:

The dress I got:
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
{corduroy sailor dress from fancytreehouse, black target tights, steve madden flats}

Also, a big thanks to the stylish wanderer for these shoes. I got them after seeing them on her blog and they are now probably one of my most frequently sported pairs of flats -- I adore them!