Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Fail

I'm sorry for my sudden disappearance, but school seems to have caught up with me :( It may be like this until mid-March or so, but I really am going to try and post some! I hope you are all enjoying fashion week and such while I am busy trying to design and draw costumes for men who look like this:

and for women who look like this:

However, to tide you over while I am slightly blog deficient, check out the links on the side to blogs I like, they are awesome!

Oh, and also, we made it to MTV! ... .com. haha, they cut out our segment but at least it's online... except for the whole girl scout charity event I was involved with was reduced to a 1/2 a second snap shot. Alas. If you look in the bottom right corner at the end of the clip you can see me for that split second, lol. Oh well, we tried, right? ;)


Monday, February 16, 2009

A Belated Happy Singles Appreciation Day...

I would tell you I had too busy a weekend to post, but for perhaps the first time in my life, that would be a lie. I spent a lot of the weekend going out and being lazy, but I know that soon I will have to crack down on my work again. Have to enjoy it while it last though, right?

{h&m shirt, velvety free people skirt worn under reconstructed coup de cour skirt,
tights - ?, shoes from a place called shoegasm}

I love these shoes. And they were just perfect for Valentine's Day.... check out the heels:

Anyway, when I say I've been lazy, I really do mean it... I haven't even been lapping up the fashion week collections, aside from drooling over what other bloggers have been posting. I guess that's the easiest/laziest window in for me... haha.

More from me soon though, I promise.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rain drops are falling on my head

So this morning I rode my bike to class in the rain. My brakes are really really squeaky. I should probably do something about that sometime soon. However, tomorrow it will be colder again and it might snow, so the bike is probably going back into hibernation for a while. Oh well. The rain did stop part way through the day though and I enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather. I wish it would stay like this. A little damp, but warm (in the mid-low 50s I think!!) and springy and wonderful. It was great.

Oh, and remember when I said I took fashion inspiration from children? Haha, well yeah.

{target blouse, rugby sweater, shorts - ?, target tights, hunter boots}
the sweater has a cute little button detail on the shoulder that you can't really see here

I did change into a skirt and flats and put on my feather headband (which everyone seems to be obsessed with... I suppose including myself, haha) for the opening of History Boys, but didn't get a chance to take a photo. I do need to show you this skirt sometime though. It is a wrap skirt made of light corduroy with deer on it that I've had for ages and have recently developed a new appreciation for. Sadly it has missed more than one photo opportunity recently but soon that shall be remedied I am sure.

Anyway, we did start our costume design unit in my theater tech class today and so I figure before that picks up I should (well, not should, but will) show you my set design model! yay. I know you have secretly been waiting to see it. :P

to give you an idea of how small this thing is- it's a 1/8" scale model.
ie: that "person" on the right is "6 feet tall" aka 3/4 of an inch tall. Oy.

I took these pictures outside (!) on Monday in the lovely sun. The blue backdrop is what is there most of the play, but at the end when Medea kills her children (well, this is Greek tragedy) the sky turns red, as does the sun, and the sun moves and takes her away from where she is standing in the top window of her house, on top of my intricate little staircase, haha (hence why the sun has a little platform on it). Yay for deus ex machinas.

Anyway, I really need to wrap this up considering the time and that I have 9am class tomorrow (oh Tuesdays and Thursdays) but I will end by saying that Elle recently showed me the perfect $25 trench coat and didn't tell me where it was from. Curses.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring has Sprung! ... for now...

Ok, I am going to perform a magic trick for you... watch as today's outfit magically transforms from winter to spring! Ah!

{H&M coat, found scarf, hat from a street fair in Berlin, free people sweater, H&M button down shirt, Kappa Delta t-shirt, skirt from a boutique called coup de cour, target thigh high socks, H&M moccasins}

haha, ok, admittedly that was kind of lame but the weather has just been so beautiful today and yesterday! It's not going to last but I'm soaking it up while I can. I also had some unexpected free time to enjoy said weather today as my stage makeup class (which is 2 1/2 hours long on Tuesday afternoons...) was canceled. Kind of sad but also pretty delightful in other respects. I had my bike out and did some errands and enjoyed stuffing the coat pictured above into my backpack. Granted it probably was not over 45°F out, but living in Ithaca has thickened my blood I guess, 'cause it felt great.

oh, but p.s. a word to the wise: thigh high socks are bound to end up in a puddle around your ankles after about 5 minutes no matter what you do. It probably didn't help that mine were inside out (which I discovered later) but my solution was to put on leggings and roll them up to hold the socks in place - hah! It did work, but wasn't really necessary with today's weather.

But anyway, in honor of spring and bikes and things, I thought I would share some fun, springy, bike related pictures that I like :) I wish I had a cool vintage looking bike like some of these girls but truth is, good gears are necessary in Ithaca, we have hills... lots of them. And I am quite fond of my pretty blue bike, though I'm thinking he (or she?) needs a name.

{Photos from The Sart and We heart it}

Goodness... I could hardly stop myself once I started. Well, spring is addicting like that you know ;) I know the weather won't last... but I can't help reveling in while it does.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glory and Rue

So, I apologize for the craptastic quality of these outfit pictures, but you see, what happened was, this afternoon I decided to take a quick nap. Unfortunately for me, in all my skill, I set my alarm for 1:50am, instead of pm, and awoke instead at 2:25. Normally, this would not have been such an awful problem, but I was supposed to be down at the Schwartz Center to set up for the dance rehearsal (did I mention I'm the assistant stage manager?) at 2:30. Oh, and the Schwartz center is approximately a 20 minute walk from my house. Oops.

Lucky for me, the weather was still very nice today and so I wrangled my bike out of the basement where it has been collecting dust since sometime in mid to late November and zoomed down to Schwartz as fast as I possibly could, managing to get there and finish all my highly important duties (though just barely), such mopping the stage, before most of the dancers (and more importantly, the choreographers) arrived around 3. Phew.

So, point being, I did not get to take outfit pictures before I left the house, ie: when there was still daylight.

{vintage sailor jacket, urban outfitters hat, street fair scarf, free people zip up sweater and dress,
white long sleeve tee - ?, j.crew tights (yes, only one pair!), vintage boots}

Another bonus to today's weather: Big puffer jacket did not have to be worn. Not that I don't love it, but sometimes it is so refreshing not to feel like a giant brown snowball. The jacket I'm wearing here instead actually used to be part of a real sailor uniform but was reconstructed (ie: a zipper was added) by some lovely folks at this past October's Manhattan Vintage Show which I was lucky enough to be home for. I love that show. I got my prom and graduation dresses at the April 2007 show (though of course I no longer fit into either of them thanks to a few lovely collegiate pounds I have put on. Whoopsies). If you are lucky enough to be in Manhattan, well, you just missed the most recent one (it was this weekend actually) but they have a few every year and they are so so worth attending even if you don't buy anything. Seriously.

Anyway, before I forget, I also want to give a shout out and big thanks to Lydia for giving me my first blog award ever! She is so spunky and fabulous and if you have not visited her blog I think that probably you should go there now. Or later, but do go there. ;)

At some point I will have to compile and present a list of all the blogs I have on my reader and post it here. It quite a long list, which is why I am always behind on my reading, but all the blogs on it are so worth a look. However, right now I shall stop procrastinating and go read more blogs, um... I mean, go write a draft of a cover letter for a summer internship I want to apply for at The Public Theater. Eegads.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

We are all Stars

So last night I went to the Stars concert and it was pretty damn epic. I would say more, but I think pictures will be more effective.

I don't generally take many photos at concerts because I get too wrapped up in the moment so these are only the best of like 7 or 8. But trust me, it was excellent. If you haven't listened to Stars before (and are an indie-rock enjoying sort of person) I highly recommend them.

Oh yeah, and I wore this:
( class... and then to dinner at the Lost Dog, the Concert at the State Theater, and the mixer I showed up late to. Good stuff)

{hanes men's XL undershirt, flea market jacket, target skirt, j.crew tights, target (?) socks, vintage boots}
...I look very unintentionally dark and broody here... haha...

Anyway, although I was still wearing two pairs of tights it was way warmer out! And today it is in the 40s! ... though I haven't left the house yet :x haha. I've been busy building my model, but I'll hopefully be able to show it to you all soon. (You know you want to see) haha. ;) I mean, it's due Monday... so, yeah... got to get on that...


Friday, February 6, 2009

My eyelashes are frozen together

So, yesterday (or I guess, techincally two days ago) when I said it was cold... that was a big joke. A really big one. Because now it is COLD. So, no outfit pictures today... or probably for a while, because not only do I need to do laundry, but one cannot survive this subzero weather without wearing long underwear, pants, and multiple sweaters. When I go outside, the only part of my skin showing is the strip containing my eyes... oh dear. The cold weather is also just not generally inspiring for putting together outfits, and so I thought I would try to give myself a boost with a cold weather inspiration inspiration post.

Have you ever seen or read The Golden Compass? Fab stuff, and while the book is way better, little Lyra in the movie has some of the best cold weather clothing I've ever seen.

Ok, and not as warm, but I also really dig the following:

and how about another well dressed little girl in a wintery fantasy situation?

Is it bad that I take fashion inspiration from small children out of fantasy books? I think not. haha. We actually have to do a "youth makeup" for stage makeup class next week. Maybe I'll use one of these fabulous chicas for my main inspiration.

Also a shame that their outfits, especially miss Lucy Pevensie's, are certainly not warm enough to brave the Ithaca cold. Alas... I knew it were too good to be true.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

Oh dear... things like schoolwork and assistant stage managing (and to be fair, my social life too) are starting to catch up with me and I am getting busy and into the thick of it once again. Alas. Though, again, to be fair- I did watch Lost today which I probably should have postponed and watched online. Oh well, it was worth it but I don't think I'll be able to do the same with the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice combo special (swoon!) tomorrow evening... too bad :(

Speaking of TV, does anyone else enjoy the hilarious "TEEVZ" recaps on fredblog? Or on Best Week Ever? I don't read the second as much but I thought their recap of the Lost season premiere was hilarious. Of course, I often have to avoid these recaps as I generally don't get to watch my shows on the days or times they actually air. Thank goodness for the internet... and that half the shows I like are on ABC. Speaking of shows I want to catch up on, I have still yet to see this week's L Word and Gossip Girl. Haha, but those... er, 5, are the only shows I watch. Besides Pushing Daisies, which *major tears* seems to be gone forever... I wish they would continue to film it but the least they could do is give us the last 3 episodes! Alas. Of course I also love Project Runway but thank goodness that's not in season now- I do not have time for this stuff! haha. Oh, and I promise I'm almost done with this rather lame topic of TV (hey, at least I gave you some post content, huh? I think that's impressive enough at 1am when I have to wake up at 8 tomorrow... haha, whoops) but I must mention that if you love Chuck's style on Pushing Daises and haven't seen this you should. Actually, now that I think of it I may already have linked to that, or maybe another Chuck fashion page, on my blog, but oh well, her style is so amazing it deserves the mention. I sort of want to be her. Just saying.

Anyway, instead of being marvelous like Chuck I wore this today. Holy goodness it was cold out. It had gotten warmer for the past few days but today it was down to like 2 degrees (and that's Fahrenheit folks).

{vintage cardigan, american apparel t-shirt, rugby cords, hunter boots, earrings by me}

Also, you probably would have had an outfit post (or at least picture) from Monday if I hadn't temporarily lost my hunter boots. It was an incredibly traumatic experience. Thankful our cleaning lady (yes I live in a house of 35 or so girls so we do have a cleaning lady) found them yesterday. We (me and the boots, not the cleaning lady) were so happy to be reunited.

Also Monday I did change part way through the day (well, at night) to play intramural bowling! It was fun, and I even have my own rocking vintage bowling shoes (or at least they look like bowling shoes) so I don't even have to pay the cheapo $1-2 for rentals... or wear shoes that have been on the stinky feet of others (not that that ever stops me from wearing vintage shoes... haha). Anyway, I was quite awful at bowling and over the course of 3 games scored a 44, 28, and 85. The 85 I got because I started to roll the ball between my legs. Good stuff. So we lost, but it was still fun.

Anyway anyway I told myself this would be an extremely short post due to the fact that I should go to bed but it has not really satisfied that restriction now has it? Oh well, I will leave you with this and I hope I will be able to post soon and often, as I am loving this whole blogging thing- especially meeting and hearing from all you cool folks out there, and reading your blogs too (I've managed to squeeze in a little time for that but still seems to consistently have 75+ new posts of my bloglines) but I can make absolutely no promises.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Drunk enough to dance... and build castles out of clay

So, my weekend was fun but quite busy. Lots of going out and lots of work, including building clay things for my set design model (1/8" scale... what a pain!) one of which just fell apart when I got home. Arg. My package from urban outfitters arrived on Thursday (yay!), though I am still waiting on the blasted Shakespeare book...

But anyway, the weather has been a crazy roller coaster, and from almost dying in the snow and wind on Wednesday night, it has now warmed up to the point where I hardly felt I needed a jacket this afternoon! (Of course, it won't last, and it was really just in my head, 40°ish (Fahrenheit) feeling very warm in contrast with say, 13°).

Friday's outfit:

{urban striped shirt, second hand recon-ed skirt, target tights (only 1 pair!), socks - ?, vintage boots}

I did also take pictures of the spiffy "either or" tights, however, I may wait until I have real outfit pictures to show them off. The other thing in the package (besides the tights and the blue striped shirt in the picture above) were a pair of slippers. They ran out of the medium before I ordered, but I got the small and they are only a teeny bit tight and I think they'll stretch out more. For $5, how could I resit? ;)

In other news, I finally caught the polyvore bug and made a little set of some items I've been lusting after lately. I feel that my wardrobe is lacking in a lot of nice, versatile basics and I've been a little frustrated by it lately :/ Sadly, polyvore wouldn't let me import my own items, so I had to browse through the items on the site, but there was certainly a lot to choose from.
Basics I want in my wardrobe
{I desire: a classic trench coat, a black jersey skirt, a red wool coat, a white or cream ruffle front blouse,
a new little black dress- maybe one that is casual enough for day... or maybe two ;)}

I also wanted to thank those of you who left such lovely comments for me- I truly appreciate them! :)