Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are you going to the first floor, Kansas, or Oz?

Was what some professorly guy said to me as I got into the elevator of our theater building yesterday afternoon. I actually got a lot of comments along the lines of "you're kind of channeling Dorothy today" which was perfect because that's exactly what I was going for ;) Inspired in part by a lovely comment I got from McCall about channeling different characters in my outfits, by this picture of LittleLou's that Mary shared a while ago, and by Modcloth's Modern Dorothy Skirt, I decided to do a Dorothy outfit. I've had it on the mind for a while and the weather was finally perfect enough to actually wear it.

I did actually take pictures outside but the one I snapped in the dressing rooms while I was practicing my stage makeup (before I started, otherwise my face would be a whole array of colors) came out a whole lot better.

{dress from renegade craft fair last summer, bitten locket, shoegasm shoes,
socks from when I played Patti Simcox in Grease}

In other news, my mom did a little shopping at the Manhattan Vintage Show for me yesterday. (Wish I was home so I could have gone) and after about a million picture messages bought me a pair of pink/white seersucker gauchos and a boater hat! Oh I am so absolutely excited to get home so I can wear them, especially the hat.

I am also on the hunt for a new watch as my old one has bitten the dust. It was a kid's flik flak with dinosaurs on it and I'm thinking maybe someone was trying to tell me it was time to get a more grownup watch? My mom is sending me an old one of my Dad's for now, but I think it'll be too big for me to like wearing... we'll have to see.

I've been looking for a new one, but I really only seem to be liking pocket watch necklaces and I really need something to go on my wrist... more practical, and right now my wrist is feeling nakie!


any suggestions?
The hunt for shorts, rompers and closed toed shoes for the summer also continues.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have you seen my party dress?

So I had a new (to me) dress I was all excited to share with you today, but of course the weather told me it was going to be crummy and rainy and so I didn't bring my camera. It turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day and I had hot feet in my hunter boots and have no pictures. How sad. Oh well, I will just have to keep you in suspense for now ;)

Instead, I will share with you Friday's outfit- for Friday was a gorgeous sunny day that I was actually prepared for:

{target wrap dress and sandals, ? white t-shirt, necklace by me,
bitten headband, flea market sunglasses}

It was so sunny that I didn't actually managed to get a good photo... because of the sun! And guess what's missing from this picture.....? Tights! Yes, that's right folks, bare legs. It was a good day. Actually I felt kind of naked it's been so long my legs have seen the sun.

Also, I wore my new sewing machine necklace, inspired by this post by the lovely Carrie of wishwishwish, which I made from a doll house sewing machine I bought on ebay. I don't have chain for it yet so I've been alternating between borrowing the chain from my locket and using a ribbon when I want to wear it.

Anyway, I also wanted to share the song my post title is based on... I'm kind of obsessed with it. I think it's hilarious and also... like... me in a song. I mean, she's a little girl. And a spy. duh.

more from the very awesome kerrigan-lowdermilk here.

Oh! And finally, the end of the bales of hay saga:

It's hard to see the first one, but there are bags hanging out of a window across the quad. And the last is of people using them as seating on aforementioned gorgeous Friday.

Anyway, school is catching up with me (and it really is going to be rainy and gross until friday) so you may be hearing a little less from me... but we shall see.


p.s. Even if you wear bike shorts under your wrap dress you will still look naked when you ride your bike. Just fyi.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pirate Granny

Yesterday, according to my friend, I looked like a pirate:

{target vest, calvin klein leggings, steve madden flats, shirt - ?, h&m hat}

I am normally not one of the shirts with leggings as pants persuasion, but this shirt is so long and I thought the combination worked so well with the new target band vest I was telling you about (which keeps having it's buttons pop off... cheap stuff... good thing that's easy to fix) that I decided I would rock it.

Also, you get to meet my bike. He/she (?) doesn't have a name, or gender for that matter, yet, and I feel like by this point he/she probably should. Any suggestions?

Then today, according to myself, I looked like a granny, especially with the hat which I've determined is really too big, though it looks great with my other hats on my wall, haha.

{target dress, tights, belt, and hat, scarf - a gift, vintage sweater, sandals from shoegasm}

I was also lying to myself about the weather today by wearing a summery dress and sandals and tried to pretend like sheer tights would keep me warm. Lies. Also, I really did have a jacket with me both these days... alas. haha

Anyway, finally, to keep this actually kind of brief post a little less brief, I decided I would also share some things keeping me amused lately:

Someone rearranged the bags of hay on the arts quad. hahaha:

And some awesome videos I've been procrastinating with lately:

via [title of show]

"Sweet Dreams" from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.
found via one of the lovely blogs I follow... can't remember which one, sorry :(
{but seriously, watch the whole thing. I know it's long, but it's worth it}

also found via a lovely blogger... I swear I wrote this down...

Anyway, enjoy ;)

and Regards,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walking on sunshine

Do you folks ever blog in your head? Like when you're walking (or biking) to and from class, or sitting in a less than stimulating lecture? haha. Well, lately that's been happening to me quite a bit, but of course now that I'm finally sitting at my computer I can't remember all those things I had wanted to say!

However, I do remember one thing... the weather is actually getting warmer... for real this time! (I think... please Ithaca, don't prove me wrong!). Yesterday for a small portion of the day I didn't even have to wear the sweater I had with me. Today was incredibly bright and sunny but of course deceivingly colder and extremely windy... but still, there was sun! And I took outfit pictures outside! Both days. I am definitely going to try and keep this up as I think the results are much more interesting than my perpetually showing off my messy room to you all ;)

{target dress, vest - ?, vintage brooch and boots, j.crew tights}

{target shirt, tights and shoes, thrifted belt and skirt (reconned), hat from a flea market in germany}

The little target boater shoes are new, courtesy of an excursion to the mall on Thursday to try and find some shorts and other work appropriate clothes for the summer. I'm hoping they will qualify as closed toed shoes that aren't ballet flats. I did also manage to buy two pairs of shorts at the gap and while I'm not absolutely thrilled with them, I think they will certainly do... I just need to style them right ;) I also foresee trips to h&m, topshop, and urban when I get home. However, while target didn't do me any good on the shorts front, I did find these shoes, a white skinny belt, and a fabulous band inspired vest that I can't wait to incorporate into an outfit.

Also, today, as I was stopping to take a picture of whatever strange statement someone installed on our arts quad (those are all bags of hay I believe... Cornell does The Gates anyone?) some girls complimented my outfit. Actually, to be more specific I think they were talking about my outfit to each other saying "she looks good" and then I awkwardly ended up stopping right by them to take a picture so one of them was like, "hey, you look good!" So that made me smile :)

Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments as well... especially on the facial hair ;) hahaha But really, I do appreciate them so much!


p.s. I think I'm going to work on the layout of my blog to make it a little more interesting as well... so bear with me in the meantime if it starts to look worse before it looks better ;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girl Talk, Boy Talk or April Snow brings DIY

So lots of small things to share this afternoon. First, remember that problem I was having with wearing lots of jeans because of the in-between weather... well that problem has ended... why? Because it is cold again! That's right folks, it is April 8th and here in Ithaca it snowed today and yesterday. Good grief. However, while I was doused in snow on my way to class this morning, it seems to be warming up now and we should have spring again (ie: 50ish degrees) tomorrow.

Anyway, in other news, this past Sunday I went and saw Girl Talk in concert and it was GREAT! Pretty much like being at a humongous club and having a giant dance party. My friend and I were ALL the way in front smashed against the barricades which got a little violent at times with all the girls trying to sell their bodies to the bouncers to try to get onstage (a select few won the chance to dance onstage with Girl Talk when they bought their tickets), but it was well worth it for how hilarious their desperation was. ;)

I don't actually have an outfit photo from that day, which is kind of a shame, but here's April 3rd's outfit which hasn't been blogged yet... and is actually kind of similar to what I wore to the concert (mostly because that American Apparel black skirt seems to be my new, and almost only, alternative to jeans, haha).

{old striped top, vintage cardigan and belt, american apparel skirt, target tights and flats}
p.s. excuse the angry face in this photo... I assure you it was not intentional.

I actually found this shirt, an old favorite of mine, when I was rummaging around desperately seeking my either or tights, which I seem to have lost :( and I only got to wear them once or twice! Sad. But I did find the shirt, not really missing but I sort of forgot it existed... and rediscovering it was nice.

In other news, I did get cast in that show I was talking about :) It's a rather small part aka not what I had wanted, but I know I should be happy to be in it at all... and I think it'll be really fun. I'm probably going to end up doing lots of juggling and other fun circus stuff.

Also, in the world of theater, yesterday in stage makeup, we did facial hair! Hence the "boy talk" part of this post title. haha, it was great... my friend forced me to walk back to where we live on north campus (almost 20 minutes away from the theater building) with it on... so I figured I had to snap a photo.

{uniqlo button down shirt, american apparel skirt, target tights, vintage vest, doc martens and hat}
I was kind of going for masculine on top and girly on the bottom since I knew we'd be doing this makeup.

It's even scarier close up, I promise. I think I'll wait until the end of the semester and show off all the stage makeup close ups at once though.

Alright, finally, last night, I don't know if I was inspired by the cold weather or what, but I pulled out this dress I bought for $2.50 at housing works over winter break which is really too big for me and took out my scissors and sewing machine *gasp*

I like how you can see a blog (cachemire et soie I believe)
and my giant Shakespeare book in the background

After a little pondering, chopping, sewing, and fixing a silly mistake or two, I ended up with a cute little bubble skirt... so now I have another, slightly nicer alternative to the American Apparel skirt I've been living in. It's not perfect but I'm really quite happy and even wore it today... since it's so cold the weather is totally appropriate for the skirt, which is wool :P

{j.crew cardigan, shirt from a clothing swap, holiday market headband,
skirt reconned by me from a vintage dress, wool tights - ?, steve madden flats}

Basically what the recon amounted to was chopping off the top of the dress (which I still haven't decided what to do with), folding and sewing down a bit at the top to make a "waistband" and then shortening the whole thing about 7 inches.

Anyway, I'm extra happy with today's outfit because I'm going to Super Seder (basically a huge amount of people having lots of little separate Seder's in a giant hall with the food provided by Cornell Hillel or whoever... good stuff) tonight for the first night of Passover and I won't even have to change! I hate "wasting outfits" ... and if I have an outfit I really like on and then need to change for something else it makes me sad, haha.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

A fashion blogger's worst nightmare

So, remember that summer internship with Shakespeare in the Park that I was 10 times elated about? Well imagine my chagrin when I received my official intern packet and saw this:
"Do not – under any circumstances or for any reason – wear open toed or open heeled shoes. If the potential loss of one or more digits does not frighten you enough, -------- can demonstrate the verbal abuse you’ll encounter from staff and crew if someone catches sight of your verboten footwear. Ballet flats also do not count as real shoes that will protect your foot if something is dropped on it. Also, no dresses or skirts. Under no circumstances should anyone’s chosen apparel keep them from climbing, crawling, walking, or schlepping various materials from point A to point B."
WHAT? WHAT? I'm sorry... but what on earth am I supposed to wear? I anticipated the no open toed shoes rule and prepared myself for a summer of keds and ballet flats... but no ballet flats? No skirts? No dresses? I can climb, crawl, walk, schelpp, and even ride a bike in skirts and dresses! I've been doing it all my life!

After restraining my tears (am I really that vain? I suppose so), I moped around for a bit and picked myself up because I had callbacks to attend (fingers will be crossed as tight as can be until Monday) and realized that I needed to accept this as fashion challenge, rather than a fashion punishment. However, this is where I need your help:

I am going to need shorts for this summer.

Here is something you should know about me: I don't like shorts. I own only a couple of pairs, which I doubt even fit me anymore, and I hardly ever wear them. I just don't like how I look in shorts. I have a curvy behind and large thighs with a smallish waist and it makes flattering, well fitting shorts (and pants for that matter) quite hard to come by. So, I need your help! Suggestions, comments, ideas, advice - anything is appreciated! What sort of shorts can a petite but curvy gal like me pull off?

p.s. rompers I'm sure would be suitable too... but I feel like these are even less likely to flatter my body type. (I also have a long torso and short legs).

Well... here's for some "short" inspiration... can someone not tall and skinny and leggy pull any of these off? Any other cute (affordable!) shorts lurking out there that you'd like to point me in the direction of? ;)

Modcloth, Orla Kiely, Anthropologie

Lover, Anthropologie

Urban Outfitters, unknown ebay seller, Teen Vogue


So I guess I've got a fair amount of inspiration... I just need to know where I can find similar things... that and can afford... if they look good on me...

Anyway, I'm sorry if this post sounded very whiny "I hate my body-esque," I honestly didn't mean for it to. Sure, like all girls, there are parts of my body I like more than others, and parts I feel insecure about and like to cover up, but I'm really just laying out the facts here... and the biggest fact is: I need shorts.

Of course here in Ithaca, it still seems ridiculous to think it could ever be warm enough for someone to wear shorts... but I know it will be before I know it. Does that make sense? ;)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

April, come she will

So, it actually feels like spring here in Ithaca! Well, today it does... maybe not yesterday and maybe it won't tomorrow, but we've got to enjoy it while we have it ;) I have to say though, despite the balmy weather, my clothing choices have not been all that inspired lately. In fact, I've been wearing jeans a lot *gasp* and I think the reason is that it seasonally feels too warm for fuzzy tights... and yet physically, it's not quite warm enough to be bare legged (though today was close!). Hence... I turn to jeans for my lazy answer.

I do have two outfit photos I want to show you though, even if they both are with jeans.
The first is from Tuesday, and while I was loving the florals on my feet and on my shirt, I can't stop laughing at the main reason I took this picture... my eye and my arm! ;) No, I didn't get into a fight guys (but seriously, you should see the other girl...) -- it was bruise and wound day in stage makeup class! I decided to wear my makeup home and really freak people out... and let me tell you, it worked. I had a bunch of people ready to jump up and defend my honor... guess it's nice to know I have friends who would be willing to do that. haha.

{target tank top, h&m floral top, urban renewal belt, j.crew jeans,
vintage headband, bitten necklace, vintage doc martens}

Anyway, then there is today's outfit which is exciting to me for two reasons. The first is that this is my entire outfit. Jacket included. Seriously. (Ok I cheated a little because I was wearing a cardigan under the jacket when I left the house, but I took it off after my second class, I swear!). The second is that this shirt is one of my absolute favorites but has yet to make it to the blog because generally speaking, I wear it with jeans. I guess it's kind of my lazy outfit shirt because I know that if I wake up late I can throw it and a pair of jeans on and still look acceptably cute... but certainly not outfit photo worthy. Even so, I think it deserves a mention here considering how much I wear it.

{free people shirt, old urban outfitters jacket, AG jeans, vintage boots}

In other news, I had class from 9:05-11:25 this morning, then lunch until noonish with a friend and well... lets just say that I have somehow ended up with not too much work and had a lot of time on my hands! I have an audition at 7:15 tonight, and since the last thing I wanted to do was spend 7 hours and 15 minutes worrying about it (and I would do that too...) I decided to distract myself by making a collage of what I really want to be wearing (as opposed to what I am wearing above) this spring. I have to say I admire you folks who make these collages all the time--it's super time consuming! ... but also really fun :) I suppose some of the time it took me had to do with the fact that I had to go out and find all those frames (and finding ones you don't have to pay for/are free for personal use is tough) but I now have them saved for the future.

1. sailor dresses like these two from libe marline (sadly both sold for out of my price range)
2. a boater hat like everyone else and their mom (this one from etsy)
3. lightweight frilly blouses like this one from an ebay seller I forgot to save :(
4. floral tights to wear with my docs (and at all other times) like the cherry blossom girl's
5. the perfect red shoes that I was outbid on from meat market,
6. a great leather satchel to carry my books in like this one from ?
7. and this great skirt by makool,
among many many other things of course ;)

I do realize that if I'm going to keep doing these sorts of collages I need to do a better job of remembering where everything is from, and from now on when I save images I'm making sure to not it in the file name. However, I have tons of images I've saved in the past before I realized I should be taking notes, so if any of you can help me fill in the blanks, please do!