Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

School kind of ate me up there now didn't it? Well, I can't promise to be much better until the end of the term (so close and yet so far) - I have oh so much to do and won't bore you with my complaints - but as I recover from my turkey dinner (or in my case, mostly a stuffing and pumpkin pie dinner - my favorites - yum!) I thought I would grant you with a post ;)

Not the best lighting ever, but when you're in the library stacks, all alone on the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving break when half the campus has already departed, getting books to bring home so you can write a research paper over your all too short vacation, it's hard to resist the photo op ;P

{dress from renegade craft fair in brooklyn - summer '09,
topshop tights, h&m sweater, vintage doc martens}

I'm trying out picasa for image hosting and editing at the moment. We'll see if I like it- I'm not sure I do. But my new toy (the ipod touch! -- my old ipod was 5 1/2 years old - the 3rd gen, pre-click wheel - and was pretty much ready to bite the dust) required me to get an account to use the blogger application. Not sure I will use that either, especially considering the ipod doesn't have a camera, but still a cool idea :)

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgivings for those of you who celebrate and see you again in December. Classes end the 4th and my last exam is on the 11th!



  1. Ah, the stacks. I've taken outfit photos in the school library, too. Libraries are so wonderful. I love your tights!

  2. Love your floral tights and library shots are awesome!

  3. damn fabulous boots,cool tights,and lovely awesome dress <3333

  4. Hope you had a lovely thanks giving
    Loveee your outfit, those tights are awesomee :)


    You look awkward and endlessly pathetic. It's like you never went through this bricolage phase when you were like 15, when it was still (mildly) acceptable to look a fool like this, and you somehow thought it'd be acceptable to do it now. The saddest part, for me and for you, in all of this is that you somehow think you're being adventurous and cool.

    Your blog is one major pang of second-hand embarrassment, and I'm sticking around for the trainwreck. Thanks.