Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Blog Birthday to Me

So, it's my one year blog-a-versary... now, how on earth did that happen? Of course, I have no outfit pictures because I've been thoroughly lazy for a lot of this vacation so far and have been lounging in PJs, gym clothes and perhaps a pair of jeans or two. And days where I do really get dressed it's too cold or too dark for nice photo taking. Ah well.

This is also my 80th post. Not a terribly large or celebratory number, but still a nice round one and I figure that means I've averaged 6 2/3 posts a month, and considering I've often aspired to at least one post a week, I say - not bad!

Anyway, for lack of something else to post, how about a little outfit recap of the past year?

{December 2008, January 2009}

{February, March}

{April, May}



{August, September}



And December 2009... coming soon! ;)

Also... how about some of my favorite purchases from the past year?
(In no particular order)

{Hunter Boots, Steve Madden Flats, Floral Docs}

{Blue skirt, little grey bag, brown boots}

{trench coat, straw boater, feather headband, 50s dress, dooney & burke bag}

{floral romper, bandanna print dress}

And of course a bunch more. It was a big year of shopping for me but I've been on a break (well, to the best of my ability--I did a little shopping in October over fall break but not too much!) since August. I think I may spend some time clearing old stuff from my closet today... to make room for the purchases of the coming year ;) While I'm still trying to save money, the holidays have brought in a couple of cash-gifts and we all know I'm going to be doing some shopping in London, it simply cannot be avoided. haha.

Anyway, in closing- here's some of the delicious food my friends and I have made this year ;)

{chocolate covered strawberries (and cherries), southwestern turkey burgers and sweet potato fries}

{vanilla-strawberry-zucchini cake with vanilla pudding frosting, caramelized onion and artichoke heart pizza}

{4th of July brunch, acorn squash stuffed with quinoa with sautéed apples and almonds}

{slow cooked provençale chicken, snickerdoodles}

Here's to another fabulous year of fashion, food, theatre and travel!



  1. owwh gurls u are really terrific and je adore whole the outfits are so adorable on u sweety ^^

  2. Happy blogaversary :) Here's to another year!

    I love the March outfit. All the primary colors are just perfect.

  3. Happy belated blog birthday! I love all these pictures and the different styles you've got going on. It's funny to see how much things can change in only a year. What would you call your style now? And as for those foodie pics - WOW! A zucchini cake sounds PERFECT! I love the subtle sweetness of zucchini bread and how moist it is. I love carrot cake (and tiramisu) but I think if I tried zucchini cake it would quickly be added to my list.


    p.s. those Steve Madden flats are amazing!!! I saw some Chloe heels like that but the flats are adorable.

    p.s.s. I totally agree with you on what to wear for New Years. It's a special night and I'm envisioning sparkle!!

  4. happy blogiversary! :-)
    loved seeing your outfit have a fabulous sense of style. Love it.