Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Computer, {almost} a New Year

So I got a new computer.  I suppose you could say it was for Hannukah/Christmas but really it was because I needed one… for the past 6 months or so my old laptop has been putt-putting along at frustratingly slow speeds, overheating easily, and the battery is “reaching the end of it’s useable lifespan” as it likes to tell me every time I turn it on.  Although I was reluctant to make the leap – it feels like such a big commitment, my dad basically said “just get one while I’m still willing to pay for it” and so after much deliberation I upgraded to the newest version of the Dell inspiron.  At the time I was worried that oh, it’s just the newer version of my old computer, it’s not really an upgrade but boy I can already tell I am wrong!  It is so shiny and sleek and new looking (though I’m sad to report they no longer make them in yellow – my new computer is red) and FAST  so FAST.  It’s going to take me a little time to learn Windows 7 but I can already tell I’m gonna like it.  It also comes with Windows Live Writer… all I do is click “internet”  on my desktop then “blog” and oh hey here I am writing this post right on my computer… maybe it will encourage me to become a more frequent blogger again.  I think I’d like that.  Anyway mostly I’m writing this to test out live writer, exciting stuff.

Here’s a picture (just to make sure I know how to insert pictures) from the adorbz windows “character” theme I’ve got going on right now:


And anyway if you’re looking for some real content I have been updating my tumblr a little bit these days.

Until soon I hope.


P.S.  I can even preview the post directly in writer… so cool!  … I also have a feeling I’m really behind the times on this whole blogging on your desktop thing, haha.

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