Friday, March 20, 2009

If I were a bell I'd go ding dong, ding dong ding!

Hmm... do you ever think up blog entries all nice and eloquent sounding in your head and then more things happen and you have more to say and it gets all jumbled up and you don't know where to start? Well, that's what's happened here so we'll see what I can do ;)

I suppose we'll start with the origins of today's outfit. I've done a little shopping over break, but not a ton. I did however finally get that skirt from American Apparel that everyone and their mom has, and let me tell you I am so glad I did! I need one of my friend's to start working there though so I can have a discount and buy more in different colors. It is just so excellent and versatile, I wore it for the first time today and have to say that if I had to wear one item every day, this might be it. Anyway, enough raving about that skirt because I bet you all know how fantastic it is already, and on to more interesting things:

In addition to getting the skirt (and two pairs of bike shorts- good for wearing under summer dresses when I still want to ride my bike around campus) at American Apparel I also did a little bit of thrifting. I went to one shop on 3rd avenue near my house and got a belt and a pair of too big for me (on purpose) jeans. They are great and comfy and nice when rolled up and worn low. However, today I thought I would try rocking them high waisted and they almost worked, but I wasn't quite sure. I had to belt them in quite a lot but if they had been my right waist size they would have been way tight in the thighs (a problem I often have) and a totally different look... so maybe high waisted jeans just isn't a look I can pull off. It seems to be a fine line between fashion and mom jeans and since I couldn't decide what side of the line I fell on with the outfit... I changed into the magic AA skirt, haha.

Anyway, in much more exciting thrifting news, some of you may know I have been looking for a trench coat for quite a while now. Well, I went to my local goodwill which is usually pretty crappy but I figured it was worth a browse since I still had some time to kill before getting my bangs trimmed. Well, I saw a trench coat on the rack, my eyes lit up and I took it down and tried it on and turns out it was from H&M and too small. Alas. Then, I had an awkward moment and came across this:

{please excuse all the crappy cell phone pictures in this post,
I sadly did not have my camera while I was out shopping on Tuesday, silly me}

Why is this awkward you ask? Well I had to take a silly camera phone outfit picture to show you why:

{target dress and shoes , tights - a gift from my mom a long time ago,
j.crew sweater, cirque de soleil bag, H&M coat}

Yes, that's right folks, me and the dress hanging on the end of the rack (no I didn't move it there, it was right next to the mirror where I was trying on coats) were wearing the same thing.... well, uh, you know what I mean. You say I can't have an awkward moment with an article of clothing? Psh, if that dress could talk I know it would say, "who do you think you're wearing." Haha, ok... well, I thought it was amusing, alright? I guess not really that surprising considering the dress is from target, but still.

Another amusing thing that happened that day:

The bagel place had green bagels for St. Patty's day! haha! ew...

Anyway, back to goodwill. I came across this cutie:

and contemplated buying it. I'm still a little sad to have left it behind, but I left goodwill that day with the trench coat to end all trench coats, the trench coat of my dreams! When I was trying it on in the store, trying to decide between it and the coat above (my goodwill isn't cheap enough that I could get both, it's NYC, the goodwill coats are $20, but my trench was oh so worth it!) an old woman walked buy and told me the trench looked really good on me. haha.

Anyway, I got the trench, and was able to get some good shots of it today :)

Yes, it has a hood (which buttons off!) and full skirt and other awesome details and everything. I am in trench coat heaven.

Oh, and here's what is hiding underneath my facade of being a super cool Audrey Hepburn-like spy:

{H&M blue button down, urban purple tank, j.crew sweater, just thrifted belt,
American Apparel skirt, target tights, vintage boots}

And yes, this outfit does include brown, black, and navy blue. Deal with it. (The tights are actually navy and black houndstooth I believe, so blame them, haha)

p.s. notice my bangs are significantly shorter in these pictures than in the ones above? Haha, yes, I can see again!

Anyway, where did I go in my awesome new coat
(Can you tell I'm kind of enamored with it?) with my fairly newfound ability to see? Well, an old friend and I tried to get tickets to this but they sadly were not doing student rush today so instead we ended up getting standing room to this. While I agree with the reviewers who said the production was less than fantastic and the actors lacked chemistry with each other (kind of ironic if you are at all familiar with the show...) I did really enjoy it. It is such a fun show and it was definitely enjoyable and had some (actually a lot of, but maybe I'm just easily amused) hilarious moments and a great show stopping number (Rocking the Boat).

ALSO, although my feet were a little tired, standing room meant we were right near the exit and got to be right in front at the stage door to meet who? The lovely Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame! I grew up on that show and man I love her, she is so funny! And she was a very entertaining and hilarious (though again, not absolutely fantastic) Adelaide.

I let a little bit of my inner fan girl out (I'm usually a bit too embarassed to let her show) and got Ms. Graham's autograph (though I do always get my playbills signed... I'm still lusting after Mary Louise Parker's autograph from Hedda... alas) and snapped this picture. Ah, Lauren Graham is so great and was really nice and funny in person too, and although she didn't take individual pictures with anyone she explained to us that was because she wanted to get around and sign everyone's playbills ;) Anyway, happy times.

Alright kudos to anyone who actually read all of this. I know most of you probably just looked at the pictures and then when you got to the one of Lauren Graham maybe paused to read what it was about. Haha, it's ok, I would have done that too.

Anyway, in closing: my flickr is officially full so until I decide it's worth paying for it I will be using a combination of picnik and photobucket for my pictures, so if anyone finds they have trouble viewing anything, let me know. Also, I am going to set a goal of at least one post a week from now on, I think that is semi-reasonable for myself, but we shall see. And finally, I am going to try and find some good outdoor photo locations for taking pics up at school, though it's kind of hard to find a secluded spot on a campus of 13,000 (and I'm embarassed to run into someone I know while I'm photographing myself, haha) ... especially when you still don't have a tripod and therefore need somewhere to balance your camera. haha.

Well, anyway, goodninght,

and regards,

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  1. Oh gosh, I love alll of those pictures so much. And seeing the dress? Haha, it's such a cute dress, who cares?