Monday, March 16, 2009

Color Block

So the weeks from hell are over, and I have returned! I'm on spring break now, and while I'm still a busy bee, I actually have time for blogging again, hooray! However, I have to admit that I've been afraid to check on my bloglines... for fear that the quantity of unread posts will crash my computer! haha. But I will catch up at least somewhat- I promise. But until I do, I at least have a few things to show you:

Thing 1:
Fabulous gift bow headband. Confession: I did not actually wear this to class with the outfit pictured, I wore it for an "anything but clothes" party with a dress I made out of plastic bags and stuck small gift bows all over. However, the big bow headband was too fab not to show off, even if I'm too much of a wimp to rock it in everyday life. I'm thinking I might make a medium sized one to actually wear though. This giant bow now resides on my wall at school.

{old KD shirt--a gift from my big big, second hand and reconned skirt,
giant bow headband made by me, black leggings and boots - ?}

Thing 2:
Floral docs. I finally found an affordable pair of floral docs in my size on ebay. I'm a little bit in love with them and get lots of compliments on them too. Although I have a feeling some of them may be the kind of compliments you give the girl in the neon orange parka just because she stands out so much that you feel the need to comment. haha. But that's ok with me.

{excuse the horrendous mess in the background, though I did think it made for kind of a fun picture...
I bet you can spot a lot of recognizable items, I Spy anyone?}

Thing 3:
Today's outfit... and a picture taken outdoors! OMG. I took these this evening on my roof. I was very primary today by nature of my trying to pack light--I mostly packed neutral colors (blue is neutral, right? haha) and my red cardigan. The blazer is one that my mom and I share and resides at home. I ended up grabbing it today since it was definitely too warm for my green jacket--hooray! I even sat outside and read a little of A Servant of Two Masters in the park since I was a bit early going to see my friend as the lovely Emily Arden in CAP21's production of State Fair.

{headband by me, urban striped top, vintage cardigan, target blazer, secondhand reconned skirt,
white tights - ?, vintage boots, and [title of show] bag}

Thing 4:
My costume design sketches for Tartuffe! Our costume unit ended about a week or so before break... I think... it feels so long ago I can't even remember. Though now we are on to lighting so I won't really be able to take a picture of that to share with you, haha.

Anyway... guess I'm off to catch up on blogs. Uh... maybe... don't blame me for being afraid!! haha


Oh, P.S. speaking of costumes, have you folks seen Australia? I watched it tonight and it was amazing, though long, and Nicole Kidman's outfits were absolutely to die for!

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