Friday, December 19, 2008

Feathers in my hair

So, today was my first full day back at home in the city I went to the holidays markets in Union Square and Grand Central. I was excited to see that the temperature was a balmy 38ยบ, balmy at least in comparison to what the temperature probably is up in Ithaca (where I go to school) right now. Last night when I was out with my best friend I stole a free (ok, so then it wasn't quite stealing...) Christmas Tree branch from a stand which I thought I might use in my first outfit shoots today, and of course, I forgot. hah. Oh well, perhaps tomorrow.

Anyway, I do wish I had a better backdrop for these shots, but my room at home is not terribly exciting, and my lack of a tripod means I can only take pictures in places where there are ledges and such for me to put the camera on. I think I may have a nice picture-taking spot in my room up at school (if I'm able to keep up with the blog then - I hope so - my outfits are not always that exciting and my time is often rather incredibly limited) but we shall see.

{vintage bowler hat, h&m dress}
{locket, generally worn daily- my mom's when she was a kid}
{flik flack kid's watch (with dinosaurs) - also generally daily fare}

{N typewriter key ring - my last (almost) daily item}

{tights and boots, folded over - unknown}

{h&m coat, street fair scarf, vintage leather gloves}

When I got back from the markets (as well as a stop at urban outfitters where I grabbed a cute brown dress from the sale section) I got a call from my best friend saying he had tickets to go see Jersey Boys with his parents, but they could no longer go (though nothing serious to worry about). I traded my bowler for the lovely feathered headband I bought today at the Union Square Market (I'm a little obsessed with this thing... but a bit worried about how delicate it is) and off we went!

{dark taken after the theatre (which was great by the way!) shot}


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