Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On again off again...

That's the kind of blogger I am.

But that's ok with me, because I suppose then I know I'm not doing it to please anyone but myself. (But your comments are always appreciated too!)

And it does seem a shame not to put my gorgeous new camera to good use.
My pretty baby looks a bit like this:

Anyway, school started. And I seem to be keeping myself pretty busy for only having a 13 credit schedule (the lightest ever of my college career). Hey, sometimes you've just got to be a senior. But this year I have a car, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities in Ithaca (as does being 21) and I'll also be doing a show (though I didn't get the part I wanted... I will be reprising the small role of Rebecca in Our Town which I played at 14, but I'm going to make the best of it!) which I suppose adds a credit, as well as taking horseback riding lessons. I am so very excited. I have never ridden a horse before! My first class of that is on Saturday :)

Anyway, I did want to share some of the photos I took on my bike ride around Ward's Island that one day this summer. The light was just so glorious. These are just a small handful of favorites. (Click for larger versions)

On my way to Ithaca, we stopped at my Grandparents house to see them and to get my car. Grandpa had just received a shipment of day old chickens. He fancies himself a bit of a farmer and also has a blueberry patch, guarded by a wolf-man, as well as some ducks.

Here the chickens are about 3 days old.
(again, click to enlarge)

This past weekend, we had labor day off and I had one of my lovely bffs from home, Helen, up to visit. Together we attended Ithaca Brew Fest where we very seriously and scientifically sample some of the finest brews from all over.

We also paid a visit (my first, but most certainly not my last) to the Ithaca farmers market to pick up some produce (as well as some blueberry wine!) to fuel my latest cooking experiments. They've been fun and tasty, but not always so pretty. Most recently I cooked up polenta (first try! It was instant... but still tasty) with roasted veggies, including some farmers market beets. Nom nom nom. I definitely want to continue cooking this semester - our kitchen is pretty great for a college kitchen. I need to do an apartment photo-tour sometime, our place is really pretty great.

And last but not least, for good measure, an outfit post. I do wish I could have shot this in better lighting, but you win some you lose some. Also, it's been so long since I played around with layers and frames instead of doing things like reading Riders of the Purple Sage or Wines for Dummies. Did I mention I was taking a wines class this semester?

{dress from a Berlin flea market, h&m tights, Zac Posen for target tuxedo jacket,
boots from a random London Camden town shop, ? black flower pin}

The weather here has been super bi-polar. Yesterday and parts of this weekend pushed 90 degrees though I have no photo proof of that. We shall see.

And finally (really) for fun -- a zoom-out of where the outfit photo was taken. You can see most of my great wall of hats. And yes, I am standing in a corner made by 3 doors - the one behind me is my bedroom door and on either side are two of my closets. I have three of them :o


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