Friday, August 6, 2010

I suppose that wasn't completely true

I suppose I have bought some new things this summer. And I know I can still put together an outfit when I set my mind to it.

Kater recently wrote a nice post about "saving outfits" and I think that is exactly what I do. I don't want to "debut" an outfit without feeling like there's a purpose, sure I dress for myself first and foremost but it's nice to think that someone will see what I'm wearing and appreciate it as well, and lately there just haven't been too many such occasions for me. I go from gym clothes to my funny work uniform and it often seems a waste of clothing (especially with how lazy I am when it comes to doing laundry...) to put something different on in between.

I suppose I felt the need to pull this particular outfit out again to photograph because I have tried to "debut" it twice in the last week and failed. The first time I was on my way out to dinner (all you can eat mussels at The Flea Market Cafe... not sure I can remember that last time I was that full, good grief!) with a friend and dropped my mascara brush down the front of my outfit while I was getting ready. Smooth. Luckily I was able to save the skirt completely, and after much labor the stain on the shirt is just barely noticeable any more, but obviously I had to change clothes for that evening. The second time I was supposed to meet a friend at a bar and just as I arrived she told me she had suddenly gotten sick -- food poisoning or an allergic reaction perhaps! -- and couldn't come. I puttered around a bit and did end up running into someone else I knew, but all in all only stayed out about an hour, not long enough to feel that I really did the outfit justice.

Anyway, for my own personal records if nothing else, here it is. These were also supposed to be the first outfit pictures taken with my DSLR but the darn thing was out of power (I must have left it on or something? ... I plan on sharing the scenic pictures I took last time I used it soon) and I wasn't about to file these clothes away yet again, so out came the point and shoot. (Ironically I'm not sure where my point and shoot's charger is and it's almost out of batteries too!).

And of course the sun came out all bright and shiny as soon as I was done with my little outfit shoot.

Wind always poses a bit of a challenge on the roof.

{vintage skirt, h&m shirt and glasses, urban renewal belt, BC sandals,
vintage watch, Essie nail polish in body language}

The skirt was a lovely vintage find from my semester in London (only £10!) but was previously about a foot and a half longer than this. I didn't have a sewing machine abroad so I filed shortening the skirt away as a summer project... and then took over three months to get around to it. I'm glad I finally did.

The shirt was an H&M purchase from early this summer and is something I have been living in. It works great with jean shorts and sandals for my lazy, non outfit creating self. The sunglasses were purchased at H&M around the same time.

The shoes too are new this summer (though also from a while ago) from shoegasm, one of my favorite shoe stores, and were bought in an attempt to replace an old, falling apart pair of summer sandals. Unfortunately I can't really rock a heel on a daily basis (though I'm starting to wish I could). Though as far as heels goes, these are pretty easy... and I ended up with the clarks I love since these didn't work for every day. So I do suppose it was a win win though I'm still sad about the demise of those old sandals.

Also the time is an hour off in that last photo... haha, whoops.

Anyway, time to pack up my clothes for work and be off. Hope to be doing some more blog reading and writing soon.



  1. yea I definitely don't wear fabulous outfits if the only thing I'm going to be doing is walking the puppy

    lovely skirt, fantastic volume!

  2. I understand the whole not wanting to get dressed up for no reason thing. I generally save up the outfits I really like for an occasion that actually matters, as opposed to going to the store or something, but I'm trying to get used to wearing skirts and dresses around during lazy days as well.
    I really like your skirt and top. I'm so jealous that you were able to find that skirt while vintage shopping, it's adorable!

  3. That's funny that you tried to debut it twice. I love the skirt.

    PS Do you have any suggestions for places to visit / things to do while I'm in London? I know you were just studying there, so hopefully you have a couple recommendations. I'm looking back through your posts from when you were there, as well.

  4. i love the nail polish! a very subtle, yet unique color.

    i dunno where you'll be, but if you're in NYC on sept. 2nd i'm planning a meetup at 2pm. lemme know if you're around and would like to join - it'd be great to see you again!