Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Fail

I'm sorry for my sudden disappearance, but school seems to have caught up with me :( It may be like this until mid-March or so, but I really am going to try and post some! I hope you are all enjoying fashion week and such while I am busy trying to design and draw costumes for men who look like this:

and for women who look like this:

However, to tide you over while I am slightly blog deficient, check out the links on the side to blogs I like, they are awesome!

Oh, and also, we made it to MTV! ... .com. haha, they cut out our segment but at least it's online... except for the whole girl scout charity event I was involved with was reduced to a 1/2 a second snap shot. Alas. If you look in the bottom right corner at the end of the clip you can see me for that split second, lol. Oh well, we tried, right? ;)



  1. I love the second picture-- it's beautiful.

    Of course it's OK to link me! I'm delighted! I don't get linked very often because I just started, so I appreciate it very very much!

  2. I love a man in electric lemon yellow. Mmmmm. Haha.
    But I actually do...
    And thanks for weighing in on my leather/fur debate! You got me thinking.