Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

So, I'm working on catching up on all of your blogs and while I've still got a LONG way to go (who knows if I'll ever actually catch up... bloglines says I still have 1746 posts to read... WAH! Though... I think I've done it before, haha.) it's been great- like coming home again ;) And Speaking of coming home again (nice segway, right? :P), my parents are back, and although I've developed a certain fondness for grocery shopping and lunch making over the past two weeks, it's nice to have them home.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover until yesterday evening (they got home this morning) how good their bedroom is for taking outfit photos! It seems to be the brightest room in the house. Oh well- I did get to utilize it this once to show off one of the new dresses from urban... just don't tell them I stood on their bed wearing shoes... haha.

{hawk for urban outfitters dress, h&m headband and sweater, shoegasm shoes}

Yes the dress does rather match their pillows and bedspread... and yes I did change into it just to go and see Harry Potter (hence the sweater- it's certainly not needed outside) because I was so excited to wear it. My purchase of this dress feels especially meant to be because I had actually spotted it and tried it on when I was passing through urban with a friend a few weeks ago. However, the small was a bit too big in the bust and I didn't feel I could justify the $30 if it didn't fit just right. I searched the racks for a smaller size to no avail and sadly left it behind. However, yesterday, on my trip to another urban (which completely on a whim- I had to run an errand just a few blocks away and decided to stop by) I noticed it again, and they were having a 50% of everything that's already on sale sale! I saw the dress again and thought: hey... for only $15 I wouldn't mind buying a too big dress to alter! I grabbed a small off the rack and happened to run my fingers across it's only one or two remaining mates noticing that one of them was an XS! Needless to say I was pretty much grinning my face off when I took it into the fitting room and then to the checkout counter.

The pictures don't do it justice, really... it's just so easy, comfortable, perfect and summery and yet still looks puts together. Perhaps it's a good thing I can't wear dresses to work or I might wear this every day, at least for the next few weeks. haha.

Oh, and as for Harry Potter: I loved it. I don't understand why anyone re-reads the books beforehand... they're just setting themselves up for disappointment, haha. Ignorance is bliss. Though now I'm really in the mood to re-read the 6th or 7th book... or maybe both. Too bad they're not such a convenient size for toting about.

The one downside to our movie experience was this coughing baby in the front row who was seriously coughing once every 30 seconds for at least the first hour, if not the first half of the movie... until my friend, as well as a few other patrons, went to complain. The mother of the baby and her family were eventually removed by security (and boy was she pissed... but seriosuly, why is your sick 2-3 year old at an 8:30PM showing of a 2 hour and 40 minute movie?? He should be sleeping!) and my friend (though it was really thanks to this other woman who went to complain at the same time as him) got us free passes to see another movie!! Woohoo!! When you live in NYC and movies are $12.50 (seriously, it's ridiculuous... and one of the many reasons I'm more likely to be found at some sort of live theater rather than a movie) this is a serious score. Meanwhile I inconvieniently had to pee just as another movie let out and ended up awkwardly running back to my seat and then getting up again a bit later only to end up running back again to watch a few more minutes of the movie standing in the back of the theater since there was still a line. haha. Oh good times.



  1. That dress is so great! I love it with the sweater. Don't you love it when you find something you wanted on sale like that?

    I just saw the HP movie, too, and loved it. For me, I see the movies as completely separate from the books. I hate it when people try to hold them up to the standard of the books.

  2. I reread HP6 before the movie, but I just like to get in the potter mood and excitement. I totally respect the film & book as seperate mediums, both great! so i loved the film too!

    great dress btw!

  3. love this dress. staying home is fun but parents are missed. lol. lovely deals