Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goodness Gracious (Photoshoot Part 2)

Goodness Gracious, I disappeared there for a while, didn't I? Playing grown-up is hard work! I feel like I've hardly had any free time, and in the time I have had I've been doing other things so I'm very behind on reading your blogs and responding to comments- I'm sorry!

Anyway, I do have some really cool stuff to show you from one day when we were organizing the hand prop room in the downtown theater. I discovered a whole bunch of old magazines, some as old as the 19-teens, including quite a few fashion and pattern magazines and I'm so glad I had my camera with me! I took a ton of pictures though, so it's going to take some time to choose which ones to organize into a post.

So, for now, in honor of the change of weather we've just recently had (yes... it does actually feel like summer now... knock on wood) I'm going to share some more of that photoshoot (took me long enough, huh?) with you. This portion: flowers! I've been a bit floral-happy this summer.

{topshop shorts, secondhand vest, boy's undershirt, vintage boots}
you can see really well here how different the colors of my arms and legs are thanks to the park... haha

{topshop playsuit, target tights, urban sneakers (which are already quite dirty)}

{gap shorts, h&m t-shirt, urban sneakers, giant dwarf headband purchased at this summer's renegade}
{shawl my mom brought back from Turkey}

And what have I been doing in the small amount of free time I have had? A lot of cooking and baking actually, including baking my friend a birthday cake :)

I've also done a little bit of shopping (I snagged 3 new dresses at the 50% of 50% off sale at Urban today), a lot of bike riding, threw a party, spent some time with friends, and tonight am seeing the new Harry Potter movie with my best friend: so excited!

Now, time to go play catch up with some of your blogs! I've got my work cut out for me!



  1. I'm glad you're back! All this floral is quite lovely! I particularly like the floral shoes and case.

    Oh, and lucky you for finding 3 on-sale dresses at UO! I have a gift card for there from my birthday, but have been unable to find anything that really strikes my fancy. I swear, whenever I don't have money, I want all of it.

  2. Hi just found your blog off of Amelia's actually! its amazing. you have a great sense of style. I love all of the florals in this post and that cake looks divine.

    would you like to trade links?

  3. i like your style. If you like unicorns you enjoy this dress:)