Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Very Belated Birthday Post

So wow, it's been a while. Since my last post, I turned 20.
I had to work, which wasn't very exciting except that one of the other interns made me a birthday cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting). yum. :)

I wore this and it was very wet and rainy out:

{Hanes men's undershirt, target belt, shortened Manhattan Vintage Show culottes
(yes those are shorts!), keds, uniqlo umbrella, crown from a long ago high school show}

Someone at work asked me if it was my birthday. When I said yes he said something like, "wow I was just guessing, I mean, you normally wear things like that anyway." haha (Referring to the crown of course).

I got these cards:

{the necklace I wore with the above outfit also pictured- it has a charm with my (real) name, spelled correctly--a rarity, and a unicorn charm}

The most appropriate card was from my mom who also got me a delightfully huge and floppy hat:

{She was caught in a love triangle. She was torn between her love for him and her love of shoes. But she had to choose... And frankly he just didn't match her purse. Happy Birthday}

My best friend came over and we ate sushi and cupcakes my mom brought home from the cupcake truck. I really need to start remembering to take my own food porn pictures for this blog. hahaha. Of course, my rainbow roll, edamame, and shrimp shumai weren't quite this pretty but the cupcake is pretty darn close., martha stewart, laceilbleu, cupcake stop

Then, I went to bed early... before my birthday was even over (!) because I had to wake up at 6am the next day for the craziest day of work ever: the opening night of twelfth night. I worked from 7:30am on June 25th to 4:30am on June 26th. I spent a lot of time walking trucks through central park and having people warn me that there was a truck behind me (oy!) and arrived home exhausted, but feeling very accomplished, to find the Friday morning paper already at my doorstep. It contained this fantastic review which made me very happy and proud, as well as the front page news about Michael Jackson's death, which was of course quite sad.

After I slept away a lot of Friday, my friend Corinne arrived (she was staying with me until yesterday afternoon which further explains the lack of posting) and we watched The Virgin Suicides and made plans for her stay. On Saturday we had a lovely picnic in the park (like I really needed to go back there... haha) with another friend and celebrated my birthday with a whole crew of lovely people in the evening. We ate rickshaw dumplings, went to UCBT and had birthday cake made by my mom - ginger cake with decadent chocolate frosting. YUM. Like I said... I really need to start taking food pictures. haha

edited to add that I have a cake picture (and a picture of the upper half of a dress I have not shown you yet) courtesy of my mom -- yay!

Tight cropping to be kind to my friends (beautiful people making awkward faces) but Jessie who is taking a picture right behind me (and who I affectionately call my twin... people who don't know us get us confused/think we are related) looks too cute ;) ... and not just because she kind of looks like me :P haha

A few friends slept over and we had homemade blueberry muffins (thanks to my lovely mother once again) and fruit salad in the morning. We then went to the Gay Pride Parade which was a ton of fun and tried out the new flavors at pinkberry. On Monday I resumed a more human work schedule (10am-6pm, M-F) and went to dinner with friends at RICE. Tuesday we hit up Chinatown for vegetarian dim sum and ice cream (almond cookie ice cream is the BEST) at two of my favorite places. Wednesday was Corinne's last day in town and today after work my parents and I finally had time to have a birthday dinner with just the three of us. We went to apiary which was totally cute and had a molten, flourless chocolate cake desert which sort of made me die. In a really good way of course. The rest of my meal was also delicious: a warm chevre and roasted beet salad followed by mushroom risotto.

the gotham plate

This photo really does not do it any sort of justice. And mine was complete with a pretty pink birthday candle stuck perfectly to the plate (so as to not mess up the cake) in between two of the chocolate blobs.

Anyway... now that I seriously need to go on a diet (or at least to the gym on my slightly surprise day off -- woohoo! -- tomorrow) my birthday celebrations are "finally" over and life (and hopefully blog updating) can resume to some degree of normalcy. I'll post more from my photoshoot soon of course, but this post is too long and too full of food to fit anything else in it ;) haha. Hopefully I'll have new and fun fashion things to share soon as well.


P.S. My crazy work day, and the day after my birthday, was the birthday of fellow blogger and my almost birthday buddy, Amelia! yay! Happy Belated!


  1. Happy belated birthday again, almost birthday buddy! Thanks for the mention. This made my day :)

    I love your culottes. They're such a lovely color and I would have never guessed they weren't a skirt. Both the cakes look amazing, too.

  2. You look beautiful! the food, everything's perfect..Belated and God bless xD

    Nicole of Adam4Adam