Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hit the ground running

Wow. Talk about jumping right in. This week has been crazy, but I am having an absolute blast! My classes are everything I could ask for, the days are long and exhausting, and the people are simply wonderful. My schedule looks like this:

Voice 9-10:30, All-school meeting 1:30-1:45, High Comedy 4:15-6:15
and every other week a 30 minute private tutorial (for monologue work and such) in one of those long breaks.

Voice 9-10:30, Movement 10:45-11:45, Stage Fighting 12:30-3:15, Theatre History 3:30-5:30

Movement 10:30-11:30, Shakespeare (acting) 11:45-1:45, Modern Physical Theatre 2:15-4:00, High Comedy 4:15-6:15

Dramatic criticism 9-11, High Comedy 11:15-1:15, Modern Physical 2:30-4:15, Shakespeare 4:30-6:30

Shakespeare 10:45-12:45, and then sometimes a Master Class in the afternoon

So, as you can see- we've really got it packed in there. And I'm already doing a whole lot of scene work (which translates to homework) which is also great! And once a week (at least- we can see more on our own if we want of course) we rush straight to the theater from school. This week it was Twelfth Night on Tuesday and next week it's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Monday -- I'm so excited!

Twelfth Night was good, but it was no Shakes in the Park. Especially the music. The music from the production in the park was so much better.

Anyway, in addition to our packed schedule, it's about a 40 minute walk to school and then another 40 minutes home at night. However, the walk is really quite nice (especially now that the ground is thawing--temps are up to the 40s Fahrenheit, it's practically spring! haha) and I thought I'd give you a little tour of the journey.

{We have the cutest houses on our street. I want the white house with the pink bike to be mine.}

{We pass by a lot of really really old looking things, like "The Montagu Mansions"}

{and some other "notable" landmarks like the Sherlock Holmes hotel and Madame Tussauds, haha}

{and then we enter the park. Everything is more regal here, I swear}

{However, the best things in the park are probably "Cow and Coffee Bean" and "The Honest Sausage." I've yet to actually visit either but that's gotta happen}

{Almost there! Note the melting snowmen. Also, doesn't it look like they're running away from school? ;) }

{BADA! We are here!}

P.S. I did visit Camden on Monday and I loved it. The cold weather helped me keep my hands in my pockets though and all I bought was a £10 cashmere sweater. I'll be back though, you know it. This Monday, however, I may have to use my long break (no tutorial this week either) to hit up Whole Foods. Seems silly I know, but it's so close to school I don't know if I can resist ;)

In other news: last night I saw a show called Nation--a super cool (though a tad cheesy) folktale come to life with the most amazing "special effects" created with people and screens and puppets. It was so visually stunning--followed by partying it up with BADA folk at one of our friendly neighborhood pubs: The Duke of York. They're so nice there!

And today: The Tate Modern. But that was so awesome it deserves a post of it's own.


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