Sunday, January 10, 2010

I still need my morning coffee but this is my cup of tea.

Well, I'm in London! I arrived at my flat around 10am Friday morning and was the first one here so I was able to snag the largest room for my roomie and I -- score! After a little unpacking, the girls from my flight and I (who happen to both be in the flat across the hall) wandered around a bit and found some food. My first meal in London: why, Indian food of course! When we returned my roommate had arrived (safe to say: she's a baller.) The rest of the day was filled with more unpacking and errands (like grocery shopping. No canned pumpkin=sad. Things like Cadbury light mousse (99p for a pack of four!)=happy) and ended with drinks at the Victory, the pub which is literally across the street from our flats before conking out at the extremely late hour of 10pm.

Saturday was another day for errands and exploring- I hit up Boots for toiletries and Orange for a cheapo phone, among others. One of the year-long students, who is the 5th member of our flat (lucky girl has the only single in the program!) also showed us a charming bookstore called Daunt's where I purchased a handy dandy, but not too obtrusive, London guidebook with foldout maps. We entertained the notion of going out again in the evening but with a 9:30 departure call for the morning, eventually decided against it.

This morning we were up and out (after I made my first English-style quick oats- with milk and cooked in the microwave- so fluffy and delicious!) right on time for a bus tour of London. Our guide was super cute and funny and we got a nice tour of the major sites, mostly from inside the warm bus, but we did get out for a few photo ops. I definitely have some places I want to go back too -- The Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert Museum (we used photographs from their costume exhibits in my costume history class last semester!) anyone?

{marble arch, Buckingham palace, (the demon barber of...) fleet street,
St. Paul's: Mary Poppins... feed the birds!, requisite phone booth photo, Tower Bridge,

Tower of London , the London eye (must hit this up too!), Big Ben}

After the tour we went back to BADA for lunch and then had our orientation session. We found out our groups and classes and all that jazz. I can't believe we start tomorrow... I'm waking up bright and early (at 7am!) so we have time to find our way there. It's kind of a long walk to the school but walking really is the best way to get there. I have voice, my bi-weekly private acting tutorial, and High Comedy, as well as our weekly all school meeting which is held on Monday afternoons.

Anyway, no outfit photos yet. As you can see, the sky is appropriately grey even in the daytime (and it gets dark at like 4-4:30), and I have yet to breech the whole "I take pictures of myself" thing with my flatmates. haha. They are all really awesome though and we've done a lot of chatting and bonding thus far ;)

I have a feeling this blog is going to become more about chronicling my London adventures than capturing my style this semester, especially since I was so limited in what I brought with me :P. haha. However, some (or a lot) of my adventures are bound to be fashion related... I mean, you know me. I have some downtime between classes tomorrow (a lot of awkward shortish breaks actually because of the meeting and the tutorial) so I'm hoping I'll be able to hit up Camden for some exploring since BADA is right near there.



  1. Indian food in London is absolutely fabulous! No shame there! I really enjoy reading your blog, this is my first visit and I think you and I have very similar fashion sense so it has been a pleasure to read and see what you have been wearing. Also as a past resident of both New York and London I know you are going to love studying there and the fashion style there is unbelievable! Definitely hit up Camden especially the market it is so eclectic and they have a lot of cute vintage shops. Oh and look into Brick Lane and Shoreditch.

    Keep writing so I can live vicariously through you. I am quite jealous that you are there.



  2. this sounds so fun! I'm jealous. I hope to be abroad next year

  3. OMG I can see you RAIDING Camden. :)

  4. I love the starkness of these. London looks and sounds incredible. Fortunately, it looks like I'm going to London at the end of August, so I'm trying not to be to jealous.

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