Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Tate was Great.

Some of my favorites:

The Balka installation


  1. The second photo with the humongous table and chairs is amazing!!! SO Alice in Wonderland, haha, I love it!! :))

    ♥ Aya

  2. hey good to hear back from you...I'm back at school and missing London like crazy so I am excited for your updates...I loved the Tate Modern, I saw the 30 pieces of silver and thought it was so cool...did you see some Andy Warhol and some Roy Lichtenstein? That was some of my favourites.


  3. These look amazing! Totally envious that you got to see Robert Frank photos. He's kind of my hero right now.

  4. These are incredible!! Next time I'm in London I really want to go to the Tate.

    XOXO m'lady

  5. I am writing to tell you that I had to shut down my old blog due to personal reasons, but I have started a new one, posting under the new link above and under the name "tess."

    please stop by!


  6. I love your header. I would love to have a personal library that harbored to thousands of bookshelves.