Friday, December 19, 2008

A New Blog

Well, I have decided to start a new blog, a fashion blog, like 500 million others out there. Now for those of you who have found your way over here from the Natchbox, I know you may be thinking - a second blog? You hardly have the time to update your first one! Yes, this is true, but one of the primary problems with the Natchbox is not that I don't have time to blog (though this is often true) but I don't have time to craft, and therefore have nothing to blog about.

Fashion, however, is something I have always loved (I need to dig up some old photos and do a post on my fashion history at some point, it's highly entertaining), though this love seems to have recently escalated. I'm not really sure why or how, but I think it started when I gained a few pounds this year--it's college, it happens--and as a result, many of my pairs of jeans, previous wardrobe staples became a bit too tight for comfort. So, I started being a bit more creative with my wardrobe, and realized how much fun it was to dress up, put thought into my outfits, and find new ways to wear old things. I then found myself with some free time, an unusual circumstance, as I was running the sound board for a show at The Schwartz Center, and had a lot of downtime in the booth. So, I began browsing ebay, something I used to do in highschool and had fallen out of for a while. Then, something caused me to stumbled upon my first fashion blog, and then I found another, and another... I added Tavi and Style Bubble, as well as the obvious Sartorialist and others to my bloglines feed and quickly became addicted. Ironically enough many of the girls that really inspired me to start a blog myself are hardly of high school age, but I think that's one of the great and fun things about the fashion blog world.

Somewhere around finals week, I had such an urge to start writing with so many blog posts forming in my mind but of course I had to wait until after studying was no longer top priority (such a priority that I was also dressing like a slob) and got home for winter break. While a lot of my wardrobe is still up in Ithaca, I'm enjoying being back in my hometown of New York and not having to wear a giant puff coat over everything (Ithaca is at least 10ยบ colder than New York City at all times).

So anyway, here I am, sorry for such a wordy introduction post. While I do most often go by the names Nathalie, Nat, or Natch, I decided to call this blog Freddie in the interest of simplicity. Also, a sometimes unknown fact about me is that one of my two middle names is Frederick, and I'm rather fond of it's slight oddball nature--I think it's a pretty good expression of who I am. Anyway, enough, enough, do excuse the blog while the layout is still in the creation phase, but I think I will end here and post again for my outfit of today (or yesterday I suppose).


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