Friday, December 19, 2008

When the weather outside is frightful

I suppose one of the problems with starting a fashion blog is that my wardrobe isn't always that exciting. Today, for example, wasn't a far cry from a t-shirt and jeans, especially as the red cardigan was promptly removed since my apartment is rather warm and I did not leave the house today with the outside world looking something like this:

Almost Ithaca worthy... though I'm sure it was much worse up there- many of my friends who had their last finals today or yesterday and were trying to go home had their trips postponed. I got snowed in last year before winter break, so lucky I made it home before the mess this time.

Anyway, I did don this little vintage crocheted collar for the first time which I found on ebay when in search of peter pan collars to wear with sweaters. While I know I could probably learn to make something like it, I'm an awful crocheter--much more of a knitter.

{american apparel tee, vintage red cardi, AG jeans, vintage crocheted collar,
bitten locket, red lace as headband and merrell snow boots}

The snow boots of course were also quick to come off when I made the executive decision to stay in. They aren't my favorite things ever but most certainly do the job keeping my feet warm and dry, which in Ithaca, is always a top priority... though I have recently found myself notorious for making poor shoe choices, so after break I know these will be a staple.

So anyway, two of my besties came over today and we baked cookies and then had latkes in an early Hannukah celebration, which is an old tradition of ours. The cookies were chocolate hazelnut and oh so good, I highly recommend them - there are now only two left from what we made earlier! (Though I did have a third friend over later who helped us out a bit with the eating). We also almost burned the house down as one of the Hannukah candles dripped and somehow the place mat underneath the menorah caught on fire! But luckily the smoke detectors, which were almost well behaved during the latke making (they have a bad habit of going off all of the time) caught that little blunder and we put it out before anything but the place mat was seriously damaged.

One of my friends, while teasing me about the collar a little bit, did offer to make me others and started rattling off yarn colors, we'll see if that actually happens but it would be pretty fab. Well, I suppose that's all for now--I really need to unpack so I actually have outfits to wear, hah! Though I will just have to pack up (mostly sweaters, leggings, parka, and snow boots) again in a couple of days for our upcoming trip to Switzerland.


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