Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pants Party (and photoshoot part 1)

So, I will preface this post with a complaint about the weather to get it out of the way: the weather has been awful, which is even worse when you work outdoors which on many days therefore results in a cranky, unfashionable me. Ok, done.

In other, "sunnier" news: this past Monday we were given a surprise half day of work and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to recreate some outfits and have a photo shoot! The setting isn't ideal and I couldn't remember all the outfits I might have wanted to recreate, but I did take quite a few pictures :) I'm not going to show them to you all at once though because they may have to last me quite a while. haha.

So, for now, inspired by the crappy weather I suppose, I'll start by showing off some outfits with pants, which seem to be a rarity on this blog. I also did get to take some real outfit photos on the roof yesterday before work which helped improve my mood, not to mention it was actually a pretty nice day :D (Though we were working downtown and inside for once... haha)

This was I was wearing for real on the day of my photo shoot:

{XL men's undershirt, old urban blazer, old hat and necklace - ??,
urban renewal belt, striped jeans, vintage boots}

Prepare yourselves for many more awkward goofing around in front of a white sheet type photos in the coming week or two ;)

And this was what I wore yesterday:

{thrifted denim vest, ? old green tank and necklace, sample sale pants, manhattan vintage show saddle shoes, etsy sunglasses, earrings my mom brought back from Turkey}

My mom bought these pants for me for $10 at a sample sale but unfortunately we got what we paid for: three of the buttons on the pockets fell off in the wash (though I do have one replacement) and the fit is a little funky and big (especially by the end of the day), but I just love all their cool details, like the pockets and the cuffs which you can see best in the bottom photo. Also, if you noticed- my old watch is fixed! I've been wearing it to work as to not ruin my "new," nicer one with painting and building and moving things and such.

And of course those striped jeans from the first picture are a go to item for lazy/rushed days all year round. I suppose pants aren't all bad after all ;)



  1. those sure are fun photoshoots! i love your fedora! :)

    here in Indonesia, the weather is so HOT! and sometimes i can't stand the heat, even when we're using Air conditioner.


  2. The black pants are cool--great details to them.

  3. Great saddle shoes!! Thanks for the tip about, I checked it out and totally got a kick out of it!!!

  4. Happy belated b-day! I thought of you on your birthday and wanted to comment, but I had no internet...

    The 2nd outfit is beyond perfect! The green, the denim, the shoes...and the pose is so cute! I can't wait to see more outfits.

  5. Both of those shoes, but especially the camel brown ones, are to DIE FOR!

  6. i like a lot those blue and white shoes, very glamour!