Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain rain go away come again another day (preferably one that I'm not working k thanks)

So I was about to post the two outfit photos I took this week showing off my new (ok I can hardly call them new anymore) topshop shorts and jumper as well as a denim vest (what? Some slightly 90s inspiration is hitting me from somewhere but I don't know where that is...) I thrifted on a whim, but the pictures were so horrible I couldn't bring myself to do it. Snapping a quick photo in front of a messy chair in the morning just isn't cutting it for me at the moment... especially because it's summer and I don't feel like I have an excuse for a crappy, poorly lit photo. Though I must say the weather has been incredibly dreary, rainy, and miserable the past few days... and everything in life revolves around weather when you work outside, so I'm going to leave you with some dreams of vintage umbrellas instead.

Thrush, itsastitch

Pudding, JessJamesJake

JillRuth, bellalulu

And of course no umbrella post would be complete without a mention to everyone's favorite umbrella girl, the Morton salt girl, who has looked lovely in absolutely every era.

1914, 1921,1933, 1941, 1956, 1968

Unfortunately, pretty little umbrellas are just to precious for the park (and not useful when you need to work with your hands) where what you really need is a north face shell or poncho type thing (which of course I do not have and therefore I get wet). So, while this job isn't doing wonders for my fashion (and I'm falling behind on reading blogs again-- I'm sorry!) it has resulted in some cool things such as learning that Anne Hathaway goes by Annie and hand delivering Audra McDonald's laptop and foundation to her. HAHA. Oh the life of an intern.

Though I do have to say, the days I do get to rock things like the jumper, my pink hat, or a big flower on my head at work, the everyone at the Delacorte really seems to get a kick out of me ;)

Anyway, I have tomorrow off (and it's supposed to be nice out!) and am going to go to the Renegade Craft Fair with a friend which will hopefully result in some fun things to share :) I got this dress at Renegade last year.


P.S. The one good thing about today's horrendous rain was that my intern team of three lovely ladies who was supposed to be staying late, ie: until around midnight tonight, got released at 5:15! Almost makes the 7-ish hours we did work in the rain worth it. Almost...


  1. I love the top 2 pictures--they're so cute. I've been looking for a new umbrella, as mine (which I've had since I was 9) is a bit broken. I'm not sure I'm completely willing to shell out what a really cute one costs, though. I know I'd break it or forget it somewhere if I did.

    That's too bad about the outfit pictures. I hope you work out your lighting--the clothes sound cool. I definitely understand maintaining blog quality, though.

  2. Oooh, my umbrella recently broke. I seriously need a new one and these are lovely!

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  4. I am craving a pretty umbrella. I have only ever had boring black ones ... and now those have all broken. Sigh. :P

  5. I need a new umbrella, my boyfriend left mine at a party :(

    Any of these would do, lol.

    Come by my blog when you get a chance, love yours!