Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are you going to the first floor, Kansas, or Oz?

Was what some professorly guy said to me as I got into the elevator of our theater building yesterday afternoon. I actually got a lot of comments along the lines of "you're kind of channeling Dorothy today" which was perfect because that's exactly what I was going for ;) Inspired in part by a lovely comment I got from McCall about channeling different characters in my outfits, by this picture of LittleLou's that Mary shared a while ago, and by Modcloth's Modern Dorothy Skirt, I decided to do a Dorothy outfit. I've had it on the mind for a while and the weather was finally perfect enough to actually wear it.

I did actually take pictures outside but the one I snapped in the dressing rooms while I was practicing my stage makeup (before I started, otherwise my face would be a whole array of colors) came out a whole lot better.

{dress from renegade craft fair last summer, bitten locket, shoegasm shoes,
socks from when I played Patti Simcox in Grease}

In other news, my mom did a little shopping at the Manhattan Vintage Show for me yesterday. (Wish I was home so I could have gone) and after about a million picture messages bought me a pair of pink/white seersucker gauchos and a boater hat! Oh I am so absolutely excited to get home so I can wear them, especially the hat.

I am also on the hunt for a new watch as my old one has bitten the dust. It was a kid's flik flak with dinosaurs on it and I'm thinking maybe someone was trying to tell me it was time to get a more grownup watch? My mom is sending me an old one of my Dad's for now, but I think it'll be too big for me to like wearing... we'll have to see.

I've been looking for a new one, but I really only seem to be liking pocket watch necklaces and I really need something to go on my wrist... more practical, and right now my wrist is feeling nakie!


any suggestions?
The hunt for shorts, rompers and closed toed shoes for the summer also continues.



  1. love this necklace! Jewelry with clocks are simply fantastic :)

    YOU LOOK SO CUTE! Adorable dress, and great picture!

    Oh, and I have a pocket watch, I wear it around ym neck! I love it, more practical than you think, I promise.

  3. This has to be my favorite outfit of yours ever. That dress is so cute! And the shoes aren't too bad either. I'm definitely jealous that your getting a boater hat.

  4. *you're (not your)

    Apparently, I can't spell at night.

  5. Personal Advertisement. /My I Ching studies. /My Poetry.

    - Peter Ingestad, Sweden