Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pirate Granny

Yesterday, according to my friend, I looked like a pirate:

{target vest, calvin klein leggings, steve madden flats, shirt - ?, h&m hat}

I am normally not one of the shirts with leggings as pants persuasion, but this shirt is so long and I thought the combination worked so well with the new target band vest I was telling you about (which keeps having it's buttons pop off... cheap stuff... good thing that's easy to fix) that I decided I would rock it.

Also, you get to meet my bike. He/she (?) doesn't have a name, or gender for that matter, yet, and I feel like by this point he/she probably should. Any suggestions?

Then today, according to myself, I looked like a granny, especially with the hat which I've determined is really too big, though it looks great with my other hats on my wall, haha.

{target dress, tights, belt, and hat, scarf - a gift, vintage sweater, sandals from shoegasm}

I was also lying to myself about the weather today by wearing a summery dress and sandals and tried to pretend like sheer tights would keep me warm. Lies. Also, I really did have a jacket with me both these days... alas. haha

Anyway, finally, to keep this actually kind of brief post a little less brief, I decided I would also share some things keeping me amused lately:

Someone rearranged the bags of hay on the arts quad. hahaha:

And some awesome videos I've been procrastinating with lately:

via [title of show]

"Sweet Dreams" from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.
found via one of the lovely blogs I follow... can't remember which one, sorry :(
{but seriously, watch the whole thing. I know it's long, but it's worth it}

also found via a lovely blogger... I swear I wrote this down...

Anyway, enjoy ;)

and Regards,


  1. your pirate outfit is cute! love the shoes =) and the last two youtube videos are just adorable!!


  2. You look very sweet--I don't see the pirate, though it is a bit nautical.