Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Falling into, well... Fall

It really is hard to believe that I'm back at school and classes have now begun. I'm still drifting about in a sort of weird, in-limbo mood which has left me not terribly inspired to blog and all that jazz. The weather, too, is not cooperating, because after about 2 or 3 hot summer days, Autumn seems to have hit Ithaca. Not surprising really, but I feel like it took so much longer last year. And I guess I'm exaggerating when I say Autumn, but the weather certainly isn't hot anymore, it's getting into the 50s in the evening and only barely eeking above 70 during the day... and that if we're lucky. While I had mentioned before that I was getting excited about fall clothes, I'm still looking for ways to stretch those summer pieces, especially some new ones I haven't even gotten to show you yet!

Combine this with the urge I still retain from childhood to wear something special on the "first day of school" (which is a little hard to pinpoint in college considering I've been physically at school for almost 2 weeks (!!), and although my first day of classes was today, I won't have had all of my classes until next Tuesday) and I came up with this:

{? white long sleeve, silence & noise for urban dress, Forever 21 bracelet,
shoegasm sandals, German Tausche bag}

This is actually the dress I wore to my grandparent's wedding anniversary, so it has the option of looking fancier as well. I like that. I've got to get a picture of the back, it's quite nice. And I do love this bag, which I got in Berlin a few years ago, but it's really not big enough to use on any class day other than the first ;)

Though... not gonna lie, even with the long sleeved shirt underneath (and a cardigan on later too) , I was kinda cold! Especially in our black box theater where I had a two hour class and then four hours of rehearsal in the evening. eek.

Anyway, we all saw this coming, but I have a feeling I may be trailing away from the blog world for a while... we shall see. It's a shame though since I so enjoy the community I've started to become a part of, but I just know I am not going to be able to keep up, especially after how pooped I feel after my first day, a day which was really not that challenging, especially compared to what's to come! Maybe the weather (in addition to the cold, it's getting rainy too!) is contributing to this off-crankyish mood I've been in? Or maybe it's nerves about upcoming auditions for our production of Romeo and Juliet... or for the London program I'm applying to go abroad to in the spring... or just for the semester in general? Hah, I apologize... no one wants to listen to me whine about nothing in particular ;P

We'll see, I'm sure I'll be back at some point (maybe sooner rather than later, who knows?).

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with some eye-candy. Looks like I'm not the only fashion blogger with foodie inclinations as of late. Check out this article on Refinery 29!

Special shout-out to Blushing Ambition, who's blog I'm already a follower of. She has such great, simple pictures of both food and clothing--I love them!

Amelia has been sporting some gorgeous foodie pictures lately too! (And some cute back-to-school-ish looks as well)

Then there are the always lovely latte pictures provided by notebookdoodles:

And the many incredibly tantalizing Asian goodnesses photographed by Yulanda of little thoughts:

Seriously, go look at this post right now. It's kind of ridiculous. (In a good way of course)

Even the famous Cherry Blossom Girl has been getting her foodie on as of late... and in New York City too. Not gonna lie, some of those photos made me glow with hometown pride ;)

P.S. Please note that these beautiful pictures all belong to their aforementioned bloggers! (And if any of you don't want me using your pictures in this way just let me know and I'll take them down pronto!)

Funny, you know, putting those last pictures together (much of which I did during downtime in rehearsal... haha, shhh) was rather nice... perhaps the first step out of my blogging semi-rut? Maybe I just need to start posting about other people's pretty pictures rather than taking my own... which are never quite so nice (and I'm just not ready or able to invest in a fancy camera or tripod or a magic sun to shine above Ithaca at the moment, haha) and often take me more time anyway? Like I said, we shall see... but until then, try not to forgot about me, and I'll do the same for you ;)



  1. Lovely outfit! I'm pretty sure I tried on that dress and it looked awful on me, but it looks amazing on you :)

    Thanks for the shout-out. I've decided that at least until school starts (about a month) I am going to only eat pretty things and take pictures of them, so expect more food porn on my blog, haha. I love all the bloggers you referenced here.

    I hope you stick with blogging--I like your blog a lot. I'm kind of afraid of what will happen to my blog once school starts again and I get busy. I think I have the drive to keep it going, but it might mean not sleeping very much...

  2. I love your back-to-school outfit, you look so adorable! I'm jealous that you get to be in Ithaca, that's such a fun college town:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck in the giveaway!