Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Short on Time and Inspiration

So, tech has begun again, this time for The Bacchae, which means I'm back to working late every other night, as well as one day on weekends... however, this schedule isn't going to last me long as I return to Ithaca Saturday the 15th! Boy has summer flown by. My busy work schedule combined with trying to fit in as much NYC and friend seeing activity as possible before I go has meant little time for blog reading and even thinking about fashion-y things. (Though I'll admit my latest free-time obsession seems to be browsing the blogs of healthy-foodie types who eat lots of almond butter and drink green smoothies. Not that I'm about to start putting green things in the blender, but they have a lot of other good food ideas too... and making food has been a big consumer of time in my house lately--it's a necessity but also enjoyable). I'm sure I'll jump back on the fashion blog band wagon soon, but for now I'm satisfying my fashion bug by admiring the outfits of some of the fashionable people at work, namely the costume designer, her assistant and the director's assistant. All three are rather indie/hipster/trendy in their style, but as I have said at work: fashintern approved. haha.

Today's wears: straw fedoras and straw cowboy hats (sported by a lot of the cast as well), an awesome striped Laura Ashley jumpsuit, a sundress reminiscent of an African country's flag, as well as a menswear outfit I would happily sport myself. Said outfit inspired a polyvore set to avoid a picture-less post and because, well, I liked it ;)

His version:
Navy and white gingham top with a flared/bell shaped cut, thin very light wash jeans or trousers rolled up a little, beat-up cream colored converse, a simple, slightly floppy straw hat with a black band.

My version:
menswear inspired

(I couldn't decide on the pants)

Also cool on the fashion front at work: the costumes for The Bacchae are totally weird (the chorus is all in spotted, hand painted boots and effervescent orange jumpsuits) but totally fabulous! Anyway, if you're in the New York area and want to see the show (which you should want to do: it's really bizarre, really free and really cool) - previews start August 11th and the earlier in the run you try to get tickets either via the virtual line or the real line, the easier it is like to be.


P.S. my black high-tops arrived from zappos and I am very happy with the purchase, studs (which may have to wait due to aforementioned time constraints) or no studs, especially when worn with black tights.

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  1. I'm glad you've been doing summer things rather than blogging--I'm learning that that's probably a good thing.

    I adore the hat in your version!