Thursday, August 20, 2009

Surreal (or perhaps, in retrospect, this post should be titled: Upgrade, in bold)

I've been back at school for almost a week now (ok, not quite, I got here this past Saturday) and have been in rehearsal for four days (though I had Tuesday off) and I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that in one week, I will officially begin my Junior year... and also that tomorrow is Friday, the beginning of the crazy time that is freshman orientation (and the upperclassman's excuse to party as much as possible before classes begin). I don't know if I'm ready for this. Living off campus in an apartment is so weird and different. I can go home from rehearsal and make lunch and dinner for myself (something I do hope to keep up during the semester) and I also now walk home in the opposite direction... away from campus rather than across campus in the 20+ minute trek I did at least once, if not twice, a day, every day, for the past two years. The beginning of last year didn't feel this weird... I just can't explain it. Not that it's bad weird really, but it's not really good weird either, at least not yet.

Anyway, enough of my internal, unexplainable crisis... what IS for sure good about my off-campus apartment is my room. Last year, when we were figuring out housing, I agreed to pay a little more rent to have the bigger room and was starting to think it might not be worth it... but I have now confirmed that it is. It so is. Mostly because of my closet. Actually, almost completely because of my closet. My closet is amazing. I love it. It may not look like much to you... but this is the biggest closet I have probably ever had in my life. My clothes have room to breathe (although I realize it may not look like they do... I promise you they have more breathing room than they have ever had before) and I'm so in love I had to show it off:

Yes, my closest is big enough to have two doors. Last year I had a closet with one curtain. Now I have not one, but two, doors. Upgrade.

Also, note the new hat set-up. Remember the old one? Well that was pretty nice, but this too is an upgrade. (And not just because I seem to have acquired a slightly exorbitant number of hats in half a year, haha)

Seriously, I love my closet so much it almost makes me not want to go abroad second semester so I can live here for more than just four months (fourth months? Seriously? That sounds SO short) but obviously the key word here is almost.

Though please do note these are not all my clothes... I also have a chest of drawers, with two extra plastic storage drawers on top... as well as 3 coats (this one, this one, and this one) stored in our hallway coat closet. Yes, we have a coat closet. Upgrade!

And while I'm not such a fan of this outfit picture... (Something about my face and neck is somewhat off... I swear I didn't suddenly turn into a ghost upon arrival in Ithaca! ...Though I suppose that wouldn't be all that surprising... haha) I had to show it to you for a few reasons. 1. For the fact that the outfits I've been wearing the past few days have not been all that different from what I wore in the park this summer, haha, 2. To show off these lovely tights that my mom bought me in Scotland over the summer that I have not had the opportunity to wear until now (it's hot outside, and in my apartment, but super chilly in the performing arts building!) , and 3. Well, for the sake of it being the first outfit picture taken in my new apartment of course!

{men's undershirt, urban short-alls, tights purchased by my momma in scotland,
vintage sam & libby ballet flats}

Anyway, unpacking into this lovely closet was also kind of fun because I rediscovered a lot of clothes I had sort of forgotten about... kind of making me feel ready for fall-attire (and making me realize I have way too many gym/sleep t-shirts and should get rid of some), but I know I need not rush it, fall will be here (and then over) before I know it. Eek.

Anyway, look forward to more room and apartment pictures, as well as a return to more fashion content (rather than existential crisis type content, haha), and probably some foodie content too.

Until then,

P.S. While on the subject of wearing similar outfits to those I wore in the park this summer, I felt my fellow interns and my bosses (who have all read this blog, haha) would appreciate my sharing this picture. This picture also shows you how badly I needed that bang trim, haha.

{vintage polo-type shirt, urban overalls, headband by me, target tights, converse,
incredibly stylish first-aid blanket handbag}

P.P.S. Someone living within earshot has been serenading me on the cello for the past two nights (ok not really... but I can pretend). How great is that? (And while I enjoy it while awake, thankfully I'm pretty sure I can't hear it with the windows closed, or at least they've been done by the time I want to go to bed).

Ok, now that's actually all. Regards again and goodnight.


  1. congrats on the larger closet! I think mine will be shrinking when I head back to university this year...ugg

    love the overalls, very cute outfit with the tights

  2. Cute! Love the floral tights. That closet is great too; last year I didn't have a closet in my bedroom, now I do: upgrade! :)

  3. That is such a nice closet! I'm totally envious (as I'm completely out of space). Nice tights!

    I can't believe you start so early. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around starting my junior year, too, but at least I have another 5 weeks.

  4. Good luck with your new year! I know that I'm also nervous about school...
    It's lovely to have a closet that's big! Mine feels so small and cramped and I never seem to find what I'm looking for! Haha. Oh well!
    Love those tights!


  5. getting serenaded by cello sounds so wonderful - like outa a movie. let me know if you still want the coupons for the yogurt - you can email me at actorsdiet(at) with the address!!!

  6. Hi, just found your blog and I like looking at blogs where people show their daily outfits! I love your hat collection!!