Sunday, August 30, 2009


So I'm starting to remember how I managed to post during the school year last year... it's yet another way to procrastinate. haha. It's funny how the skill (because we all know it is one) of procrastination has returned to me so easily and effortlessly.

Anyway, this was the outfit for class day two. Granted I only had to go to one class, Psychology of Entertainment Media, from 12:20-1:10pm. It's far away though. My Thursdays and Fridays are really pretty great... but I make up for it the rest of the week, I promise. And of course all I've experienced so far is a Thursday and Friday so wish me luck with this upcoming Monday-Wednesday. My Tuesdays are especially killer. oy.

{target top, lucky jeans, vintage boots, laila rowe earrings which I lost at the gym midday :( }

I seem to be drawn to a much more muted color palette lately. And I'm also really enjoying ponytails.
Non sequitur: There is a vintage bike we've been using in rehearsal that I really wanted to photograph this outfit with (the bike is brown with white wheels) but somehow I don't think I could explain that one to the rest of the cast, my director, and stage manager. haha. The lighting in the black box is also not very good.

Anyway, no foodie pictures today but I have really been enjoying cooking for myself. I managed to get to Wegman's over the weekend and the past two nights I had corn on the cob. So delicious. I wish I had bought more. I also made sweet potato fries... and asparagus. And since my first class isn't until 12:20 tomorrow (ok I know that doesn't make it sound like too rough a day, haha) I kind of want to try making something like this, this, or this for brunch :o We'll see.

Ok, I lied. Two pictures:

{Mark Bittman's Potato-Asparagus Frittata, Chard and Onion Omelet from Serious Eats}

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement about keeping up the blog during the school year. I really do want to so we shall see what happens.

And finally, a little more eye candy (but not food this time -- shock!) for the day, because I'm pretty sure some of you have to be as excited as I am for these two films to come out.

{Where The Wild Things Are stills courtesy of}

{Alice in Wonderland still courtesy of USA Today}
More here.

And some inspiration taken from these films on Refinery 29. (A big source of fashion news and inspiration for me now because they send me e-mails. haha)

Alrighty, time to actually buckle down and write this "what I learned from my summer internship and what I hope to accomplish at BADA" shenanigan so my professor will write me a recommendation. I hate writing things like this because I always feel they sound bullshitty and never sincere (even when they really are). Alas, I'm sure I'll come up with something... I always do... eventually. haha.



  1. haha procrastination is a way of life ;)

  2. i'm very excited about "where the wild things are" and "alice in wonderland" as well....

    glad you got the coupons! you can probably leave some of them in the yogurt section for someone else...

    and yup, that was me in "saving face...." surprised you saw it!

  3. Those pants are really cool. Definitely a unique color.

    I really hate writing things like that, too. Ugh.