Thursday, April 2, 2009

April, come she will

So, it actually feels like spring here in Ithaca! Well, today it does... maybe not yesterday and maybe it won't tomorrow, but we've got to enjoy it while we have it ;) I have to say though, despite the balmy weather, my clothing choices have not been all that inspired lately. In fact, I've been wearing jeans a lot *gasp* and I think the reason is that it seasonally feels too warm for fuzzy tights... and yet physically, it's not quite warm enough to be bare legged (though today was close!). Hence... I turn to jeans for my lazy answer.

I do have two outfit photos I want to show you though, even if they both are with jeans.
The first is from Tuesday, and while I was loving the florals on my feet and on my shirt, I can't stop laughing at the main reason I took this picture... my eye and my arm! ;) No, I didn't get into a fight guys (but seriously, you should see the other girl...) -- it was bruise and wound day in stage makeup class! I decided to wear my makeup home and really freak people out... and let me tell you, it worked. I had a bunch of people ready to jump up and defend my honor... guess it's nice to know I have friends who would be willing to do that. haha.

{target tank top, h&m floral top, urban renewal belt, j.crew jeans,
vintage headband, bitten necklace, vintage doc martens}

Anyway, then there is today's outfit which is exciting to me for two reasons. The first is that this is my entire outfit. Jacket included. Seriously. (Ok I cheated a little because I was wearing a cardigan under the jacket when I left the house, but I took it off after my second class, I swear!). The second is that this shirt is one of my absolute favorites but has yet to make it to the blog because generally speaking, I wear it with jeans. I guess it's kind of my lazy outfit shirt because I know that if I wake up late I can throw it and a pair of jeans on and still look acceptably cute... but certainly not outfit photo worthy. Even so, I think it deserves a mention here considering how much I wear it.

{free people shirt, old urban outfitters jacket, AG jeans, vintage boots}

In other news, I had class from 9:05-11:25 this morning, then lunch until noonish with a friend and well... lets just say that I have somehow ended up with not too much work and had a lot of time on my hands! I have an audition at 7:15 tonight, and since the last thing I wanted to do was spend 7 hours and 15 minutes worrying about it (and I would do that too...) I decided to distract myself by making a collage of what I really want to be wearing (as opposed to what I am wearing above) this spring. I have to say I admire you folks who make these collages all the time--it's super time consuming! ... but also really fun :) I suppose some of the time it took me had to do with the fact that I had to go out and find all those frames (and finding ones you don't have to pay for/are free for personal use is tough) but I now have them saved for the future.

1. sailor dresses like these two from libe marline (sadly both sold for out of my price range)
2. a boater hat like everyone else and their mom (this one from etsy)
3. lightweight frilly blouses like this one from an ebay seller I forgot to save :(
4. floral tights to wear with my docs (and at all other times) like the cherry blossom girl's
5. the perfect red shoes that I was outbid on from meat market,
6. a great leather satchel to carry my books in like this one from ?
7. and this great skirt by makool,
among many many other things of course ;)

I do realize that if I'm going to keep doing these sorts of collages I need to do a better job of remembering where everything is from, and from now on when I save images I'm making sure to not it in the file name. However, I have tons of images I've saved in the past before I realized I should be taking notes, so if any of you can help me fill in the blanks, please do!



  1. <3 ur AG jeans and vintage boots!!!


  2. Mmm, I hate that in between weather. It is hard to decide what to wear. I'll admit I've been resorting to jeans now and then, too.

    That makeup is quite realistic! I love the floral.

    Good luck with the audition!