Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walking on sunshine

Do you folks ever blog in your head? Like when you're walking (or biking) to and from class, or sitting in a less than stimulating lecture? haha. Well, lately that's been happening to me quite a bit, but of course now that I'm finally sitting at my computer I can't remember all those things I had wanted to say!

However, I do remember one thing... the weather is actually getting warmer... for real this time! (I think... please Ithaca, don't prove me wrong!). Yesterday for a small portion of the day I didn't even have to wear the sweater I had with me. Today was incredibly bright and sunny but of course deceivingly colder and extremely windy... but still, there was sun! And I took outfit pictures outside! Both days. I am definitely going to try and keep this up as I think the results are much more interesting than my perpetually showing off my messy room to you all ;)

{target dress, vest - ?, vintage brooch and boots, j.crew tights}

{target shirt, tights and shoes, thrifted belt and skirt (reconned), hat from a flea market in germany}

The little target boater shoes are new, courtesy of an excursion to the mall on Thursday to try and find some shorts and other work appropriate clothes for the summer. I'm hoping they will qualify as closed toed shoes that aren't ballet flats. I did also manage to buy two pairs of shorts at the gap and while I'm not absolutely thrilled with them, I think they will certainly do... I just need to style them right ;) I also foresee trips to h&m, topshop, and urban when I get home. However, while target didn't do me any good on the shorts front, I did find these shoes, a white skinny belt, and a fabulous band inspired vest that I can't wait to incorporate into an outfit.

Also, today, as I was stopping to take a picture of whatever strange statement someone installed on our arts quad (those are all bags of hay I believe... Cornell does The Gates anyone?) some girls complimented my outfit. Actually, to be more specific I think they were talking about my outfit to each other saying "she looks good" and then I awkwardly ended up stopping right by them to take a picture so one of them was like, "hey, you look good!" So that made me smile :)

Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments as well... especially on the facial hair ;) hahaha But really, I do appreciate them so much!


p.s. I think I'm going to work on the layout of my blog to make it a little more interesting as well... so bear with me in the meantime if it starts to look worse before it looks better ;)


  1. all your outfits are very very cute. you remind me of a character in a story, a different character for every outfit :)

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  3. What a lovely outfit. You are looking cute and stunning with white dress. I just love the color and and unique design of the dress. This white dress is really so stunning and beautiful.I really like your lovely outfits so much.Great post. All of them are looking amazing!!!!