Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girl Talk, Boy Talk or April Snow brings DIY

So lots of small things to share this afternoon. First, remember that problem I was having with wearing lots of jeans because of the in-between weather... well that problem has ended... why? Because it is cold again! That's right folks, it is April 8th and here in Ithaca it snowed today and yesterday. Good grief. However, while I was doused in snow on my way to class this morning, it seems to be warming up now and we should have spring again (ie: 50ish degrees) tomorrow.

Anyway, in other news, this past Sunday I went and saw Girl Talk in concert and it was GREAT! Pretty much like being at a humongous club and having a giant dance party. My friend and I were ALL the way in front smashed against the barricades which got a little violent at times with all the girls trying to sell their bodies to the bouncers to try to get onstage (a select few won the chance to dance onstage with Girl Talk when they bought their tickets), but it was well worth it for how hilarious their desperation was. ;)

I don't actually have an outfit photo from that day, which is kind of a shame, but here's April 3rd's outfit which hasn't been blogged yet... and is actually kind of similar to what I wore to the concert (mostly because that American Apparel black skirt seems to be my new, and almost only, alternative to jeans, haha).

{old striped top, vintage cardigan and belt, american apparel skirt, target tights and flats}
p.s. excuse the angry face in this photo... I assure you it was not intentional.

I actually found this shirt, an old favorite of mine, when I was rummaging around desperately seeking my either or tights, which I seem to have lost :( and I only got to wear them once or twice! Sad. But I did find the shirt, not really missing but I sort of forgot it existed... and rediscovering it was nice.

In other news, I did get cast in that show I was talking about :) It's a rather small part aka not what I had wanted, but I know I should be happy to be in it at all... and I think it'll be really fun. I'm probably going to end up doing lots of juggling and other fun circus stuff.

Also, in the world of theater, yesterday in stage makeup, we did facial hair! Hence the "boy talk" part of this post title. haha, it was great... my friend forced me to walk back to where we live on north campus (almost 20 minutes away from the theater building) with it on... so I figured I had to snap a photo.

{uniqlo button down shirt, american apparel skirt, target tights, vintage vest, doc martens and hat}
I was kind of going for masculine on top and girly on the bottom since I knew we'd be doing this makeup.

It's even scarier close up, I promise. I think I'll wait until the end of the semester and show off all the stage makeup close ups at once though.

Alright, finally, last night, I don't know if I was inspired by the cold weather or what, but I pulled out this dress I bought for $2.50 at housing works over winter break which is really too big for me and took out my scissors and sewing machine *gasp*

I like how you can see a blog (cachemire et soie I believe)
and my giant Shakespeare book in the background

After a little pondering, chopping, sewing, and fixing a silly mistake or two, I ended up with a cute little bubble skirt... so now I have another, slightly nicer alternative to the American Apparel skirt I've been living in. It's not perfect but I'm really quite happy and even wore it today... since it's so cold the weather is totally appropriate for the skirt, which is wool :P

{j.crew cardigan, shirt from a clothing swap, holiday market headband,
skirt reconned by me from a vintage dress, wool tights - ?, steve madden flats}

Basically what the recon amounted to was chopping off the top of the dress (which I still haven't decided what to do with), folding and sewing down a bit at the top to make a "waistband" and then shortening the whole thing about 7 inches.

Anyway, I'm extra happy with today's outfit because I'm going to Super Seder (basically a huge amount of people having lots of little separate Seder's in a giant hall with the food provided by Cornell Hillel or whoever... good stuff) tonight for the first night of Passover and I won't even have to change! I hate "wasting outfits" ... and if I have an outfit I really like on and then need to change for something else it makes me sad, haha.