Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Fashionless Post

Ok, so I don't have anything fashion related to share at the moment, but felt like posting anyway because I had a few other things to share/say:
  1. Thank you again for the lovely comments! I'm still working on how to respond to these things so knowing me I am probably just going to end up continuing to say thank you periodically in my posts which does seems kind of silly. However, I do try and visit the blogs of anyone who comments on my posts! Which leads me to...
  2. Things that have been entertaining me in my free time:
    • well I have caught up on blogs- leaving me looking for more -- some found through your comments :) -- which of course I am almost 100% sure to fall behind on again as soon as I start work on Monday.
    • I finally went to Top Shop today! Everything I got was floral. I can't wait to share these purchases along with the ones from a few days ago which I assure you will happen soon. I also stopped by Screaming Mimi's which has like everything you could ever hope to find on ebay expect expensive and I had already spent enough Money at Top Shop :P
    • riding my bike
    • catching up with old friends
    • sites like these... and sharing such websites with aforementioned friends:,,,,
      (yes we are really cool people who sit in Union Square at night eating dessert from Whole Foods and reading these things off an i-phone while a very wasted man tries to offer us the Heimlich and a very polite woman asks where the statue of Gandhi is. It's good to be home.)
    • and this hilarious and adorable video courtesy of Sally Jane:

Anyway, good stuff. This blog will resume it's normal fashion related state soon. I have a ton of post ideas stored up on a little sticky note on my desktop (haha) as well as the shopping to share as I have mentioned multiple times... and I'm sure I will have work related blabber to share starting Monday too.

Goodnight and Regards,


  1. My partner showed me the whack a cat on the weekend - soooooooooo cute :)

  2. aww the whack a kitty video is so adorable! i still can't decide whether i like cats or dogs more!

    great blog, i can't wait to stop by again soon!

  3. cute blog! would you like to trade links?

    I love! hehe

  4. Oooh, I want to go to Topshop! Can't wait to see what you bought.

  5. Sounds like you've been having fun! I'm so envious that you went to Topshop. I must get to NY.

  6. Re your comment: Wait, when is your birthday? It might be the same day.