Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming to Terms

So, three days of work and I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm going to have to wear work clothes. I kind of expected this, but didn't want to admit it. They'll still of course be my-style work clothes, with a little twist (ie: floral docs=best and coolest work boots ever) but I'm going to have to wear jeans and shorts and t-shirts a lot of the time and just get over it. However, I hope to come up with lots of other things to post about and will certainly be dressing extra cute on my days off to compensate ;)

I did however make an effort with my outfits for my first two days and wore some of my new items to boot. The hat (which I need to photograph again and closer up--it has a cute little bow you can't really see) and short overalls are new from Urban Outfitters. The short-alls are open in the back except for the straps which cross like suspenders. They were also marked as on sale for $29.99 and rung up for $9.99... score! I really wanted to wear my new floral tights from topshop with them but they got a teeny snag while taking them out of the package and I was super worried about getting them snagged even more on some wood or something at work.

{new hat from urban, shirt by me, target leggings I cut to make shorts, navy keds}

{new overall shorts from urban, target cardigan and tights, ? white shirt, vintage floral docs}
Also, you can see my at home bike (yes, it's a different one) behind me. I've been riding to and from work everyday and it's a little small and squeeky but has a cute little basket and horn.

Anyway, work so far has it's goods and bads. I'll talk about today though because today was mostly good :) It was supposed to rain and be gross out and while it was a little chilly it got sunny and much nicer for part of the day. We also had a 5th intern join us today and so far I'm getting along really well with (almost) everyone. We hung out with some goofy guys and I learned to use a chop saw (it was hard to find a good picture- the one I used was bigger and sharper ;) ... I like power tools) :) Then we painted some stairs and the work day ended an hour early for a barbeque with AMAZING food. The park has new caterers this summer and let me tell you they are excellent! Of course, this situation is an incredibly rare occurance, but gotta enjoy it while you got it :)


  1. The overalls are way too cute :)

  2. -Hats
    Two things that look dumb on most people and you make look FABULOUS.
    I am now craving barbecue food though.. mmm.

  3. the overalls are perfect! Sounds like your work is hard but rewarding.

  4. I am so not looking forward to working anywhere that requires "work clothes"--that doesn't sound fun at all. The overalls are really cute! I love them with the docs. Now I want a basket for my bike.

    Re your comment: My birthday is June 25. Oh well. They're close enough that we can still be birthday buddies :)