Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Hat

One of the most exciting things (ok maybe that’s sad, but a lot of my friends don’t get home until later this week) about arriving home was getting my new boater hat—the one that my mom got for me at the manhattan vintage show. It’s a teeny bit small, I guess my head is bigger than my mother’s, but that’s ok, I can still wear it and I’m totally in love.

{h&m dress as shirt, second hand reconned skirt, secondhand bag,
steve madden flats, vintage boater hat}

I didn’t actually wear the hat out today since I didn’t go anywhere besides to lunch with my dad and then back into the car again, but I couldn’t resist showing it off. Also, with my bangs this long the hat pushes them completely over my eyes, but I’m going to get them trimmed on Tuesday.

Anyway, in honor of the new hat, I thought I’d share some pictures of some other lovely and inspiring ladies and their boaters.

Liebemarlene, Lover, Young Shields, The Cherry Blossom Girl

Anyway, I do suppose it's good that most of my friends aren't home yet considering that approximately 19 hours after getting home we left again to go and visit my Grandparents in the Berkshires. Kind of annoying to have to make such a quick turn around but I'm so glad to get to see them considering since the last time I did was last August! So far the visit has yielded a gorgeous new (well, actually old... 1950s I believe) gold watch which is an early birthday present from them and a complement on my shoes from my Grandma... now that's something!

{Next post will be in real time I think.}


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