Friday, May 8, 2009

The Importance of God's "LOVE Project" with Boys at mASS

So I guess I lied... about study week and finals week that is. I wrote a paper, and studied some, but I actually haven't been so terribly busy. The paper was turned in today, my first final isn't until this Monday and then I have 2 on Wednesday, but one is in stage makeup and therefore doesn't involve that much studying. So, while I have put in some nice library time this week, I've also put in a little party time and a lot of lazy movie and TV watching time... and right now, well, I'm a bit bored! Fancy that!

Anyway, Tuesday was one of those lazy days and after a whole lot of bumming about in sweatpants (yes I do actually own some... but I didn't until this year! haha!), I decided to make a nice shirt to wear the next day to actually induce myself to get out of the house. It worked, and I did get me to the library, but not without snapping a few photos first. While the pictures don't really do the ruffles justice I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, especially since I didn't really know what I was going for when I started.

{shirt by me, second hand skirt shortened by me, target tights, vintage flats}
The weather has been giving my bangs a little trouble lately... haha

I do need to get more serious about my studies soon but hopefully will also find something fun to do tomorrow night.

Also, I found out my best friend from home reads my blog and has shown it to some of his friends (but the feedback is all positive- hooray! haha). I suppose that's what I get for linking my old blog on my facebook and linking this blog from my old blog. :P I would take the link down, but I've decided to be only slightly embarrassed and I figure if anyone finds this blog that way and wants to read it... well, then they should feel free. No biggie.

Anyway, the way I found out about this is that he showed me a youtube video of a spontaneous musical (about finals week in fact!) that happened at his school and told me I should post it here. Haha oh Mike I love you. Anyway, it was pretty enjoyable and I agree it deserves a mention:

Oh, and if you're curious about the title of today's post... it was the title of this year's anual Schwartz center gala: a show the upperclassmen put on making fun of everything that happened this year. It was hilarious and I came out relatively unscathed/not made fun of too much which was a relief ;)

Well, I guess I should be off to continue my unproductivity (though I did study after the gala today, I swear!) and then get some rest so I can work on decoding secret messages for Monday's final. No... really, I'm serious- the final is in my cryptography class.



  1. I love this outfit!!! The shades of blue and grey are really nice. Amazing ruffles.

  2. Those ruffles are... amazing. So weird and so cool.

    And the random musical? Fantastic. I didn't know those happens in real life... ahah!

  3. I really think those hues of blue on you are perfect. I especially love the white flats with the white collar.
    And I get really flustered and nervous when I hear that people I know or people that know people I know have found my blog. I never put the link anywhere and have only given it to a few friends, who in turn spread it to other people. But I'm glad all your feedback has been positive! I think I'm gonna go public with it when I graduate.

  4. Your shirt is lovely! That "musical scene" is very fun. My school isn't so organized, but it does feel like every other boy owns a guitar and likes to play outside and sing. :)