Friday, October 23, 2009

Back in Black

Less words today. Don't know what to say. But the weather was beautiful and my black skinny jeans fit again so these were both exciting things. Rainy weekend ahead though. Alas.

{target tank top and belt, uniqlo skinny jeans, h&m sweater, braided scarf made by me,
other scarf from urban, vintage doc martins}
"Do you ever have the feeling, when you wake up in the morning, that you're in love but you don't know with what? It's the feeling that you want to love strangers, that you want to kiss the man at the post office, or the woman at the dry cleaners---you want to wrap your arms around life, life itself, but you can't, and this feeling wells up in you, and there is nowhere to put this great happiness---and you're floating---and then you fall down and become unbearably sad. And you have to go lie down on the couch."
--Melancholy Play, Sarah Ruhl

A Grocery Store Musical:

Thanks to all for the congrats on London- I can't wait!



  1. beautiful photo and i love your shoes !

  2. i'm not a huge doc marten fan, but you really wear those well!