Monday, October 12, 2009


So, I didn't get to take the pictures of my lovely vintage show outfit today because I was out of the house until after dark on an unplanned adventure...

This morning (ok, early afternoon, but that counts as morning on vacation, right?), I went to the gym to get my bike on. I like to ride the stationary bike because I can read a book while I ride and as you may know, I wear reading glasses. Anyway, I finished my ride (and was getting to a really good, near the end, part of my book too) hook my glasses over my shirt (like you do with sunglasses, you know) and went to stretch. Then I pulled out a mat to do some crunches and was about to sit down, but oh hey... where are my glasses? Answer: under the mat. Smushed. Whoops. One of the ear pieces was essentially at a 90 degree angle to the lenses (impressively still attached) and the other was not much better off. I do have a second pair of glasses, but of course, they're at school. So, new glasses quickly became the project of the day.

After a shower and some lunch, my mom and I headed down to Fabulous Fanny's, a veritable hipster and gay guy's haven of vintage glasses frames. They had a lot of cool stuff, but a lot of the more "out there" looks didn't sit so well on my face, haha.

{a sampling of their selection via the online catalog. They carry sunglasses too}

Glasses are a big commitment because you wear them ALL the time (I know you don't see mine much on the blog, but I wear them in class and when I'm doing homework which is probably about 85% of my life, haha) so after an excessive amount of hemming and hawing I chose a pair and we headed over to their recommend place to get the lenses, in Chinatown. My mom decided this was walking distance... and it was... but it was quite the hike. A hike which involved lusting after some beautiful boots I wasn't willing to spend $125 on and some free sampling at Whole Foods.

Eye exam in Chinatown: only minorly sketchy. Of course, they had the lens available for one of my eyes, but not the other. boo. So the ready in one hour option was alas not an option pour moi. While waiting to get my eyes checked, I also got a text from my friend inviting me over for pizza and ice cream cake for her birthday. At 6. It was 5 and I was waiting for my eye exam... in Chinatown... uhhh... but luckily, the doctor was able to see me shortly and we were done at about 5:20. Since the glasses couldn't be ready in an hour anyway I decided to forgo an early dinner and dessert at Vegetarian Dim Sum House and Chinatown Ice Cream factory and whip uptown at super speed.

I was also able to bend my glasses back far enough (that was scary- I was sure they were going to break!) to use for tonight and tomorrow. Though right now I look like this:

As you can see, I am also much in need of a bang trim. Thankfully, both the bang trim and picking up the new glasses are on the agenda for tomorrow (and maybe that Dim Sum/Ice Cream trip after all).

So much for a day where I had nothing to do, huh?


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  1. Those glasses! Wow. I wanted to get some crazier glasses, but my mom wouldn't buy them for me. Oh well, I pretty much always wear contacts anyway.