Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Mother's Closet

I am incredibly lucky to have a very chic and stylish mother who is almost exactly the same size as me. I've always liked borrowing her clothes, and as I've gotten older there's more I want to, and can, borrow, and we even have a couple of items that were purchased with the intent to share. Though I must say that's a bit difficult when I'm up in Ithaca and she's in New York City.

The most recent spin on this is that, lately, mi madre has been showing up places wearing my clothes! When she and my papa came to see me in my show, mama appeared in an old jacket of mine I had left at home. It looked better on her than it ever did on me, so I guess you win some and lose others, haha. Then, when I got home this week, she was wearing a threadless tee of mine, also left at home, but only because of a small, but noticeable, stain. Her comment? "Still perfectly acceptable for doing the laundry in" haha. My mom and I also get along rather well if you haven't guessed. It's nice ;)

Anyway, being home for a week does mean I can take advantage of her wardrobe, and I'm certainly doing my best!

Also, my camera has got itself on some sort of setting where it automatically takes three pictures in a row (I should figure out how to turn this on and off when I want to, haha) and I thought this sequence was kind of priceless.

"Yeah... taking a picture."

"Oh hey camera, are you done?"

"Yep, I guess so!"

{Mom's jacket, mom's scarf, AG jeans - a hand-me down for mom, vintage boots, vintage Dooney and Burke bag from the vintage show, vintage hat from Cheap Jack's a few years ago}

Some of the clothes I borrow my incredibly generous mother will let me keep or I will borrow for an, erm... extremely extended period of time so they sort of just become mine, haha. Though I know there are some things I am not allowed to do that with and this jacket is one of them. It will forever be on my wish list but never mine ;)

The day I wore this, my mom was actually wearing my jacket (the same one I mentioned above), a pair of my brown corduroys I had given her (see, it works both ways!) because they fit her better, and my scarf. We actually swapped scarves as we were walking out of the house because we realized the other person's scarf went better with our respective outfits ;) I had been wearing this one (1st outfit post flashback, that hat too!) because it was the only one I brought home from school.

You can also see how long my hair has gotten! Eegads! And we have some pre and post bang trim action going on over here.

"Oh hi, it's windy"

"This is kinda fun!"

"Ok! I take that back! Time to go home!"

{uniqlo jacket purchased as a "share" item with mom, target dress and leggings, orva boots, matt & nat bag - another self imposed permanent hand-me down from mom haha}

Also, today I purchased something I've been wanting for a while... and perhaps it will help rekindle my desire to take outfit photos? And inspire more outfits? Maybe? We'll see. Anyway, he's nothing fancy but he'll sure do the trick, and the price was pretty good too!

And uh... there may or not be another purchase or two in that picture... the new H&M is right next to the 4/5/6 train stop at 86th street. It's cruel! Good thing that didn't happen until after I went to college.

Also went to dinner and saw Oleanna with the parents tonight- more on that tomorrow!



  1. oh adore ur style and these pictrs rae great :))
    love ur awesome blazer,hat and cute purse.
    the second look is amaziing <333

  2. that's so funny! but I love the houndstooth dress and both bags

  3. I love that first jacket! Is it floral? It looks really cool.

    My mom and I kind of have this ongoing joke where whenever I see something that I want that's too expensive for me to buy, I insist that we can share it in an attempt to get her to buy it for me, regardless of whether or not she actually wants it, too. It worked the very first time I tried it (with a pair of shoes), but never again. Sigh.