Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wanted: Motivation. Or Inspiration. Reward: Good Question.

I can't seem to get motivated to do anything this evening. Not even my laundry. It feels like it should be Friday already and clearly this is not the case. I think the problem is I don't have anything that is specifically "due" tomorrow... but you know, I should be writing a play, and doing research, or studying... there are many large tasks looming in my future that I should get work done on. But they're not "due" tomorrow. So I'm not motivated. Booger.

I did just spend a while browsing Sheila Callaghan's blog archives since my playwriting teacher suggested I might do so and therefore it was kind of homework... right? She's a playwright. She seems like a really cool lady. Like I would want to be friends with her and we could be random and creative together and it would be great.

Anyway, yesterday was a beautiful, warm fall day. Unlike today, which was rainy, and the rest of this week and weekend which also promise rain. However, the rain did make today a trench coat day, and whenever I wear that coat I feel like the part of this song where she sings about being a spy ;)

Found a kind of nice photo taking spot behind my building yesterday though. Wonder what the old guys with the leaf blowers thought I was up to? haha. I also really enjoy taking pictures with my new glasses on. They have not yet lost their novelty. And my new-ish black converse have been sorely neglected this school year... now that I'm allowed to wear whatever shoes I want... so I felt like I should take them out for a bit. I'm still thinking they may need studs.

{target vest, H&M blouse, street fair scarf, AG jeans, black converse}

This outfit was also partly inspired by what we're working on in acting class at the moment: a very experimental, rough production of Woyzeck. Before fall break we picked parts by drawing slips of paper. I am the drum major... the manliest man in the play. haha. It's quite fun, but really tough. Anyway, I'm wearing this vest as my "costume" (and have also provided this jacket, this jacket, and this hat for other members of the cast to wear). I did in fact, get asked if this outfit was a costume for something -- though it was followed by a compliment... how diplomatic ;) -- which surprised me, because to me, anything with jeans is incredibly tame and normal. haha.

Yesterday in playwriting, a few of the guys and my professor also got into a conversation about my wardrobe and how cool it is. One of them suggested I charge admission for a tour of my closet, haha. He said he'd pay $5 and another guy said $3. Hey, for real, any takers? ;) And my professor commented on how hard it is going to be for me to pack for London. Yep, she hit the nail on the head with that one.

Speaking of playwriting... that's really what I should be doing. I started a new play over fall break and I have this great middle scene and a great idea but everything around it is just a fuzz. It's hard when something needs to come creatively to you but it's work and it has a deadline. Guess that's sort of the story of every artist who ever wanted to make money.

Maybe I will go try and force the creative process. Or maybe I will just give in to the fact that I'm not getting anything done tonight and hope for better luck tomorrow?



  1. loove ur amazing military vest and awesome scarf :))

  2. Oh my gosh I am so glad you looked at my blog!!! Yours is sooo cool. A friend of mine use to write plays... well I think he does. He was like a shrunken version of Woody Allen (his looks as well). Anywho, I hope the weather gets better and things start coming together for you!! :) Take care


  3. wow great vest! closet tours!? you should totally take advantage of that lol

    its so cool you're taking playwrighting courses, london will be perfect for you!

  4. i just cleaned out/rearranged a room in my house and has really motivated me. i guess the whole feng shui flow...

  5. I have no motivation at all. This is rather unusual for me, but I know how you feel.

    Awesome vest :)

  6. aww you look great ! i love your vest :D