Thursday, February 5, 2009

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

Oh dear... things like schoolwork and assistant stage managing (and to be fair, my social life too) are starting to catch up with me and I am getting busy and into the thick of it once again. Alas. Though, again, to be fair- I did watch Lost today which I probably should have postponed and watched online. Oh well, it was worth it but I don't think I'll be able to do the same with the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice combo special (swoon!) tomorrow evening... too bad :(

Speaking of TV, does anyone else enjoy the hilarious "TEEVZ" recaps on fredblog? Or on Best Week Ever? I don't read the second as much but I thought their recap of the Lost season premiere was hilarious. Of course, I often have to avoid these recaps as I generally don't get to watch my shows on the days or times they actually air. Thank goodness for the internet... and that half the shows I like are on ABC. Speaking of shows I want to catch up on, I have still yet to see this week's L Word and Gossip Girl. Haha, but those... er, 5, are the only shows I watch. Besides Pushing Daisies, which *major tears* seems to be gone forever... I wish they would continue to film it but the least they could do is give us the last 3 episodes! Alas. Of course I also love Project Runway but thank goodness that's not in season now- I do not have time for this stuff! haha. Oh, and I promise I'm almost done with this rather lame topic of TV (hey, at least I gave you some post content, huh? I think that's impressive enough at 1am when I have to wake up at 8 tomorrow... haha, whoops) but I must mention that if you love Chuck's style on Pushing Daises and haven't seen this you should. Actually, now that I think of it I may already have linked to that, or maybe another Chuck fashion page, on my blog, but oh well, her style is so amazing it deserves the mention. I sort of want to be her. Just saying.

Anyway, instead of being marvelous like Chuck I wore this today. Holy goodness it was cold out. It had gotten warmer for the past few days but today it was down to like 2 degrees (and that's Fahrenheit folks).

{vintage cardigan, american apparel t-shirt, rugby cords, hunter boots, earrings by me}

Also, you probably would have had an outfit post (or at least picture) from Monday if I hadn't temporarily lost my hunter boots. It was an incredibly traumatic experience. Thankful our cleaning lady (yes I live in a house of 35 or so girls so we do have a cleaning lady) found them yesterday. We (me and the boots, not the cleaning lady) were so happy to be reunited.

Also Monday I did change part way through the day (well, at night) to play intramural bowling! It was fun, and I even have my own rocking vintage bowling shoes (or at least they look like bowling shoes) so I don't even have to pay the cheapo $1-2 for rentals... or wear shoes that have been on the stinky feet of others (not that that ever stops me from wearing vintage shoes... haha). Anyway, I was quite awful at bowling and over the course of 3 games scored a 44, 28, and 85. The 85 I got because I started to roll the ball between my legs. Good stuff. So we lost, but it was still fun.

Anyway anyway I told myself this would be an extremely short post due to the fact that I should go to bed but it has not really satisfied that restriction now has it? Oh well, I will leave you with this and I hope I will be able to post soon and often, as I am loving this whole blogging thing- especially meeting and hearing from all you cool folks out there, and reading your blogs too (I've managed to squeeze in a little time for that but still seems to consistently have 75+ new posts of my bloglines) but I can make absolutely no promises.


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