Saturday, February 7, 2009

We are all Stars

So last night I went to the Stars concert and it was pretty damn epic. I would say more, but I think pictures will be more effective.

I don't generally take many photos at concerts because I get too wrapped up in the moment so these are only the best of like 7 or 8. But trust me, it was excellent. If you haven't listened to Stars before (and are an indie-rock enjoying sort of person) I highly recommend them.

Oh yeah, and I wore this:
( class... and then to dinner at the Lost Dog, the Concert at the State Theater, and the mixer I showed up late to. Good stuff)

{hanes men's XL undershirt, flea market jacket, target skirt, j.crew tights, target (?) socks, vintage boots}
...I look very unintentionally dark and broody here... haha...

Anyway, although I was still wearing two pairs of tights it was way warmer out! And today it is in the 40s! ... though I haven't left the house yet :x haha. I've been busy building my model, but I'll hopefully be able to show it to you all soon. (You know you want to see) haha. ;) I mean, it's due Monday... so, yeah... got to get on that...


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  1. You are excellent at mixing completely different patterns. I wish I had such finesse with that!
    And I gave you a blog award! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.