Friday, February 6, 2009

My eyelashes are frozen together

So, yesterday (or I guess, techincally two days ago) when I said it was cold... that was a big joke. A really big one. Because now it is COLD. So, no outfit pictures today... or probably for a while, because not only do I need to do laundry, but one cannot survive this subzero weather without wearing long underwear, pants, and multiple sweaters. When I go outside, the only part of my skin showing is the strip containing my eyes... oh dear. The cold weather is also just not generally inspiring for putting together outfits, and so I thought I would try to give myself a boost with a cold weather inspiration inspiration post.

Have you ever seen or read The Golden Compass? Fab stuff, and while the book is way better, little Lyra in the movie has some of the best cold weather clothing I've ever seen.

Ok, and not as warm, but I also really dig the following:

and how about another well dressed little girl in a wintery fantasy situation?

Is it bad that I take fashion inspiration from small children out of fantasy books? I think not. haha. We actually have to do a "youth makeup" for stage makeup class next week. Maybe I'll use one of these fabulous chicas for my main inspiration.

Also a shame that their outfits, especially miss Lucy Pevensie's, are certainly not warm enough to brave the Ithaca cold. Alas... I knew it were too good to be true.


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  1. Lyra was so adorable in that film. I'm far too old to, but I still take inspiration from children's outfits in film. They're often more colorful and just more fun than the adult ones...
    I did enjoy reading the Golden Compass as well.
    Pan's Labyrinth had a great wardrobe.