Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring has Sprung! ... for now...

Ok, I am going to perform a magic trick for you... watch as today's outfit magically transforms from winter to spring! Ah!

{H&M coat, found scarf, hat from a street fair in Berlin, free people sweater, H&M button down shirt, Kappa Delta t-shirt, skirt from a boutique called coup de cour, target thigh high socks, H&M moccasins}

haha, ok, admittedly that was kind of lame but the weather has just been so beautiful today and yesterday! It's not going to last but I'm soaking it up while I can. I also had some unexpected free time to enjoy said weather today as my stage makeup class (which is 2 1/2 hours long on Tuesday afternoons...) was canceled. Kind of sad but also pretty delightful in other respects. I had my bike out and did some errands and enjoyed stuffing the coat pictured above into my backpack. Granted it probably was not over 45°F out, but living in Ithaca has thickened my blood I guess, 'cause it felt great.

oh, but p.s. a word to the wise: thigh high socks are bound to end up in a puddle around your ankles after about 5 minutes no matter what you do. It probably didn't help that mine were inside out (which I discovered later) but my solution was to put on leggings and roll them up to hold the socks in place - hah! It did work, but wasn't really necessary with today's weather.

But anyway, in honor of spring and bikes and things, I thought I would share some fun, springy, bike related pictures that I like :) I wish I had a cool vintage looking bike like some of these girls but truth is, good gears are necessary in Ithaca, we have hills... lots of them. And I am quite fond of my pretty blue bike, though I'm thinking he (or she?) needs a name.

{Photos from The Sart and We heart it}

Goodness... I could hardly stop myself once I started. Well, spring is addicting like that you know ;) I know the weather won't last... but I can't help reveling in while it does.


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  1. I love your seasonal transition! Quite well executed and quite the magic trick if you ask me — I never get my seasons right with clothes at all. I wore sandals to school yesterday in the rain.
    And yes, bikes are the best fashion accessories! You're amazing for collecting so many great fashion bicycle shot moments!