Monday, February 16, 2009

A Belated Happy Singles Appreciation Day...

I would tell you I had too busy a weekend to post, but for perhaps the first time in my life, that would be a lie. I spent a lot of the weekend going out and being lazy, but I know that soon I will have to crack down on my work again. Have to enjoy it while it last though, right?

{h&m shirt, velvety free people skirt worn under reconstructed coup de cour skirt,
tights - ?, shoes from a place called shoegasm}

I love these shoes. And they were just perfect for Valentine's Day.... check out the heels:

Anyway, when I say I've been lazy, I really do mean it... I haven't even been lapping up the fashion week collections, aside from drooling over what other bloggers have been posting. I guess that's the easiest/laziest window in for me... haha.

More from me soon though, I promise.


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