Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glory and Rue

So, I apologize for the craptastic quality of these outfit pictures, but you see, what happened was, this afternoon I decided to take a quick nap. Unfortunately for me, in all my skill, I set my alarm for 1:50am, instead of pm, and awoke instead at 2:25. Normally, this would not have been such an awful problem, but I was supposed to be down at the Schwartz Center to set up for the dance rehearsal (did I mention I'm the assistant stage manager?) at 2:30. Oh, and the Schwartz center is approximately a 20 minute walk from my house. Oops.

Lucky for me, the weather was still very nice today and so I wrangled my bike out of the basement where it has been collecting dust since sometime in mid to late November and zoomed down to Schwartz as fast as I possibly could, managing to get there and finish all my highly important duties (though just barely), such mopping the stage, before most of the dancers (and more importantly, the choreographers) arrived around 3. Phew.

So, point being, I did not get to take outfit pictures before I left the house, ie: when there was still daylight.

{vintage sailor jacket, urban outfitters hat, street fair scarf, free people zip up sweater and dress,
white long sleeve tee - ?, j.crew tights (yes, only one pair!), vintage boots}

Another bonus to today's weather: Big puffer jacket did not have to be worn. Not that I don't love it, but sometimes it is so refreshing not to feel like a giant brown snowball. The jacket I'm wearing here instead actually used to be part of a real sailor uniform but was reconstructed (ie: a zipper was added) by some lovely folks at this past October's Manhattan Vintage Show which I was lucky enough to be home for. I love that show. I got my prom and graduation dresses at the April 2007 show (though of course I no longer fit into either of them thanks to a few lovely collegiate pounds I have put on. Whoopsies). If you are lucky enough to be in Manhattan, well, you just missed the most recent one (it was this weekend actually) but they have a few every year and they are so so worth attending even if you don't buy anything. Seriously.

Anyway, before I forget, I also want to give a shout out and big thanks to Lydia for giving me my first blog award ever! She is so spunky and fabulous and if you have not visited her blog I think that probably you should go there now. Or later, but do go there. ;)

At some point I will have to compile and present a list of all the blogs I have on my reader and post it here. It quite a long list, which is why I am always behind on my reading, but all the blogs on it are so worth a look. However, right now I shall stop procrastinating and go read more blogs, um... I mean, go write a draft of a cover letter for a summer internship I want to apply for at The Public Theater. Eegads.


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