Sunday, February 1, 2009

Drunk enough to dance... and build castles out of clay

So, my weekend was fun but quite busy. Lots of going out and lots of work, including building clay things for my set design model (1/8" scale... what a pain!) one of which just fell apart when I got home. Arg. My package from urban outfitters arrived on Thursday (yay!), though I am still waiting on the blasted Shakespeare book...

But anyway, the weather has been a crazy roller coaster, and from almost dying in the snow and wind on Wednesday night, it has now warmed up to the point where I hardly felt I needed a jacket this afternoon! (Of course, it won't last, and it was really just in my head, 40°ish (Fahrenheit) feeling very warm in contrast with say, 13°).

Friday's outfit:

{urban striped shirt, second hand recon-ed skirt, target tights (only 1 pair!), socks - ?, vintage boots}

I did also take pictures of the spiffy "either or" tights, however, I may wait until I have real outfit pictures to show them off. The other thing in the package (besides the tights and the blue striped shirt in the picture above) were a pair of slippers. They ran out of the medium before I ordered, but I got the small and they are only a teeny bit tight and I think they'll stretch out more. For $5, how could I resit? ;)

In other news, I finally caught the polyvore bug and made a little set of some items I've been lusting after lately. I feel that my wardrobe is lacking in a lot of nice, versatile basics and I've been a little frustrated by it lately :/ Sadly, polyvore wouldn't let me import my own items, so I had to browse through the items on the site, but there was certainly a lot to choose from.
Basics I want in my wardrobe
{I desire: a classic trench coat, a black jersey skirt, a red wool coat, a white or cream ruffle front blouse,
a new little black dress- maybe one that is casual enough for day... or maybe two ;)}

I also wanted to thank those of you who left such lovely comments for me- I truly appreciate them! :)



  1. I loove that blue and white striped top! It's just smashing on you!


  2. I love the boots! This is my first time looking at your blog, and I really like it.